Awards and Bursaries

Financial help for hospitality and tourism students

College Entrance Scholarship (up to $3,000)

Algonquin College recognizes excellence and helps students with their educational costs through an extensive scholarships, bursaries and awards program. The program is open to Canadian high school students who are enrolling in a two-year college diploma program in one of the following areas: Chef, Cook, Culinary, Events, Food and Beverage, Hospitality, Hotel, Resort, Restaurant or Tourism.


For a listing of bursaries offered by the School of Hospitality and Tourism, please visit /ro/pay/financial-aid/bursaries/hosp-tour/

 General Bursaries

For a listing of general bursaries offered by the School of Hospitality and Tourism, please go to Room C225, or visit /ro/pay/financial-aid/bursaries/

Scholarships to work towards

Canadian Hospitality Foundation (up to $3000)
Eligibility: Academic marks, work experience, leadership skills, professional promise

2016 CHF College Entrance Scholarship ($3,000)

2016 CHF Hospitalty,F&B and Culinary Scholarship ($2,000)

Ottawa Tourism & Convention Authority/Ottawa Citizen ($1500)
Eligibility: GPA of 3.7 or higher; interpersonal and communication skills, work experience

Thomas Nelson Hospitality Communication Award
Eligibility: Highest grade achieved in ENL 1823 or ENL 1942, good attendance record, leadership and communication skills

For program-specific scholarships and bursaries, please review your program’s site for more details.

For further information, please contact:
Kelley Grant
Tel.: 613-727-4723, ext 2231
Room H100