Short-Term Disability

Short Term Disability covers full-time employees who are absent from work due to illness or injury for up to 130 days of their illness (visit our page on Long-Term Disability for information beyond that time frame). The rate of pay received while off on sick leave depends on the number of days in the employee’s sick leave bank. 100% salary is paid for banked sick days and 75% for any days thereafter up to a maximum of 130 days in a rolling calendar year.

Sick Leave Entitlements:

Group Effective Date # of Days
Support Sept. 1 10
Academic Sept. 1 20
Administrative July 1 130**

* In order to receive you sick leave credits on this date, you must be actively working.

** Administrative staff are not permitted to bank sick leave days.

In general, medical certificates are requested after an absence of 5 or more consecutive days. However, the College reserves the right to request medical evidence in all circumstances as per College Directive D8 1.1.2.

Absences of 5 consecutive days duration or longer are to be reported to Human Resources immediately by the Supervisor.

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