Record of Employment

A Record of Employment (ROE) is required any time that an individual wishes to apply for Employment Insurance Benefits. An ROE may be requested any time that the employment relationship ends for a period of more than 14 days, including:

  • End of a temporary payroll authorization which will not be immediately renewed;
  • Termination of employment by the College;
  • Resignation from employment for alternate work;
  • Resignation from employment for disability/illness (part-time only);
  • Summer Layoff;
  • Maternity or Parental Leave;
  • Compassionate Care Benefits; etc.

ROEs are generated automatically when a full-time employee leaves the College, but must be specifically requested by a part-time employee or their manager. Because part-time payroll is paid two weeks behind, it is necessary for the manager to provide Human Resources with the hours worked during the last pay period of employment. This helps us to provide the employee with the requested ROE within the mandatory 5-day window. A Request for ROE form (PDF) can be downloaded, or the information may be emailed directly to

Algonquin College has recently begun the transmission of ROEs via the internet, ensuring that your claim is immediately delivered to your local EI Office. A copy will be provided to you and kept in your personnel file for a prescribed period of time.

Your ability to qualify for EI benefits depends on your employment history, the number of hours you have worked during the qualifying period, and the reason for which you have ended your employment. For full details, please visit the Government of Canada EI website, or contact your local EI Office.

Key Forms and Documents

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