Please follow the steps listed below to log on to your e-mail

1. Off-campus you must run VPN in order to use Outlook.

2. Go to control panel and click on Email, or User Accounts>Mail. Choose "Email Accounts".

3. Click New

4. Choose Yes and Next

5. Enter Your Name, Algonquin Email Address and Algonquin Password, and then click Next.

Note: Do NOT check the Manually configure.... option.

Check the Don’t ask me about this web site again checkbox and click Allow.

7. Enter your Algonquin e-mail address and password, check the “Remember my Password” checkbox, and click OK.


You may get prompted a couple of times for the same Username / Password (This is normal.)

Click Finish.

Note: Do not check the Manually configure.... option.



For username use your full e-mail address:
Username: username@algonquinlive.com


If prompted for server and username:
Server name: e-mail.ottawa.ad.algonquincollege.com
Username: woodroffe\username

9. Open OUTLOOK. If this is the 1st time you’ve used OUTLOOK, then the following wizard may pop up

:  Outlook will download all the e-mails from the Exchange Server. This may take a few moments.

Check the Do not show this message again checkbox and click NO.


11. Click NO.



To log in to Live@AC, please click here.


You will use your network account information to log in to Live@AC.


Using LiveAC after graduation

To use your LiveAC e-mail account after you have graduated follow these steps:


1. Before your account is deleted, change your password on the MyPass site.
(May need VPN) . If your account has already been deleted you must contact ITS to have your password reset.


2. Use the outlook e-mail site, after account deletion you will not be able to use the https://www.algonquinlive.com login site.


Email on your Smartphone for Students

This connection is not supported by ITS and these instructions are offered as-is. To set up your student smartphone to access your LiveAC e-mail you must do two things.


1. Change your Algonquin network password Link
You can change it to the same password but the change process must occur to link to Microsoft system.


2. Set up the e-mail account on your phone as an Exchange account. If you do not see the "Exchange" option then you may have to do a firmware upgrade on your phone.
This setup will vary by model of phone. See your phone's documentation for more help.


Info Settings
Server: pod51004.outlook.com
Username: username>@algonquinlive.com (use the full e-mail address for the username)
Password: Your regular password.

i-Phone instructions - Specific model instructions from Microsoft

These general instructions are offered as-is. Your particular model of phone may require other steps. You may need to update your firmware if certain settings options don't appear or do not work. For instructions on doing this see your user manual or the manufacturer web site.