The ITS Website

The ITS website and ITS Help Centre are designed to meet the following goals:

  1. Enable you to self-help – to find the information you need about College computer services to solve problems on your own.
  2. Enable you to contact the appropriate ITS resource for assistance
  3. Educate students and staff about ITS services and related best practices.
  4. Notify students and staff about any major changes, outages or issues with ITS services.

To achieve these goals, we:

Note: Pages and addresses change –  DO NOT link ITS webpages. Instead please link to the ITS website home page.

Industry standard CMS

Algonquin College departments’ websites use Word Press with a custom template. This ensures the content management system (CMS) has consistency across the college websites which makes it easier for you to find the information you are looking for quickly.

Additionally, the college has brand usage guidelines that ensure logos, colors and other corporate collateral are used consistently.

For more information on Algonquin College logos, branding, and website technologies, see Marketing Services.

ITS Help Centre

Have you stood in a long line to find an answer to a computer question? Have you wished there was a way you could find your own answer to computer problems? ITS Help Centre is your answer!

ITS has a database of answers to commonly asked IT questions. These include everything from “How do I connect to wireless?” to “How do I perform basic SharePoint troubleshooting?” This database is available to anyone over the web, not just college staff and students.

If you cannot find an answer to your questions, scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Submit Support Request button. This will let you start a support case so our staff can help you solve your problem or answer your question.

The best part is we review all kinds of statistics about the ITS Help Centre. This information enables us to continually improve the database but improving existing answers, and adding new answers that may have been missing.

The ITS Help Centre should be your first stop when you have a computer related question.

Standard formatting

The ITS website follows standard formatting and layout to make it easier for you to find things.

Overall the information on the ITS website is grouped into students and staff. Within these two groups are topics specific to each group such as email, wireless, printing and so on. Generally a topic is a specific service that ITS offers.

In addition to standard page formatting, standard text conventions are also used. Some of these conventions include:

  • Arial fonts are used across the website for easier reading and consistency.
  • All screen objects such as menu items, buttons, window titles and so on being in bold.
  • All text entered in fields or otherwise typed in including URLs is in italics.
  • Sections have consistent titles, both wording and font.
  • When entering multiple fields on a screen, the instructions will list the fields as a bolded bulleted list.

Note: If you see a page that says its ITS but does not follow these standards, do not click on anything and notify ITS – it may be a malicious webpage!

Methods we use to notify you about outages and alerts

From time to time, ITS services experience upgrades, interruptions, outages or other changes. If you are aware these are coming up, you can prepare for them accordingly.

To keep you informed, ITS uses the following delivery methods:

Twitter – ITS has its own Twitter account – @AlgonquinITS. It is used to communicate the status of service issues or upgrades on an ongoing basis. It also is used to provide tips about ITS services. You can also post questions here – an ITS agent will respond or contact you with assistance. Watch for hash tags.

ITS home page – The ITS home page is the place to see the latest news about ITS including if there are any outages, alerts or notices. The home page will also provide easy to use navigation to important topics. However, the #1 place for help with IT issues is the ITS Help Centre.

Direct email – When there is a serious issue, you will be contacted directly via your college email account. These emails will detail the situation, any relevant dates or locations and provide tips or steps for you to improve your service or avoid service disruption.

At the ITS Service Desk – When you come to the ITS Service Desk, you will see information about current issues in the form of signs, announcements on the TVs or directly from ITS Service Desk analysts. If you experience issues with a service, bring it to the attention of an  ITS Service Desk analyst – they will be able to confirm the status of that service and provide assistance.

Asking for feedback

At ITS one of our priorities is to serve our clients better. This is an ongoing process that benefits from our professional experience but also benefits from your feedback.

When you interact with ITS through the website or directly with ITS staff, we encourage you to provide feedback on your experience that will help us better serve future clients.

The available methods to provide feedback currently include:

Did this page meet your needs? – Each page on the ITS website has this question at the bottom of the page. If the page answered your question, select Yes and it will be recorded. However, if the page did not meet your needs and you select No, you will have the opportunity to enter some information in a field to describe your problem or what you couldn’t find. This information is collected and reviewed by our web staff and is used to make improvements to the website.

For more in-depth feedback, you can also email and provide the identifying information from the contact you had with ITS:

  • your name and contact information
  • the date, time and place you had contact with ITS
  • the ITS staff member you assisted you
  • your issue, steps taken and results.
  • if you want to be contacted regarding this issue, please state this in your email and you will be contacted.

 Request an update or change to the ITS website

If you notice information on the ITS website that has a typo, is incorrect or is incomplete, please let us know so we can correct the issue.

The following reporting / requesting methods are available:

Did this page meet your needs? – If the issue is a small typo or missing word, you can use this method to report the issue.

Email – Anything beyond a typo should be reported via email. This will allow the request to be logged and we will respond as needed for more information. To ensure your issue is dealt with in a timely manner, include:

  • the page name and URL in question
  • the service
  • the existing part of the page in question
  • the new text or addition

We look forward to working with you to improve the ITS website to better meet your needs.

Note: Pages and addresses change so please link to the home page rather than a topic page to avoid incorrect links.

Did this page meet your needs?