MyDesktop uses VMWare to allow you to remotely connect to a server computer that is running software you would normally use on your own computer, such as MS Office and Adobe Acrobat.

MyDesktop Virtual Machine
Connecting to MyDesktop Virtual Desktop Explained  

 Note: Nov 13, 2013 – The link to MyDesktop changed.  You must include ‘https’. The new link is:


Connecting to MyDesktop   Videos FAQ Discussion

The following steps are covered in more detail in MyDesktop install instructions.
Note: From off-campus you must first run VPN for Remote Connect.

  1. Go to .
  2. You have two options:
    1) The Viewing Client on the left. It is faster and more options, but more complex to get started.  There will be a one-time installation of a small program.
    2) The HTML Browser on the right. It is Easier to connect, but does not work correctly on all systems.
  3. Log in.
  4. Then choose which virtual machine you want to use.

Note: The following behavior is expected connected to MyDesktop:

  • Accessibility options work within MyDesktop, but you need to use the VMWare client, not the HTML connection. Otherwise your speakers will not work. Also using the VMWare client, you can install USB devices you may need.
  • You will only see your regular drives – the temporary drives no longer exist. Caution: Anything not saved on your N drive will be lost when you exit MyDesktop!
  • You cannot copy and paste text, graphics, or other objects between
    MyDesktop and applications on your client system. You can however, copy and paste objects from one application to another inside your View desktop.
  • Your mouse pointer will not change shape as it normally does. However, it can still perform all the functions as normal including resizing windows.
  • Your printer will not work in MyDesktop until you set it up as shown in MyDesktop install instructions.
  • Some key combinations (pressing multiple keys at the same time) will not work in MyDesktop.
  • If you need assistance with MyDesktop, please contact ITS.


List of Software

To see what software you will have access to, see

SW-List MyDesktop Applications



Virtual Desktop Explained   Videos FAQ Discussion

Normally you install and run programs on your computer. The difference is with a virtual desktop the windows desktop and programs you see are running remotely on a server but appear to be running on your computer.


  • You don’t have to buy programs for your computer.
  • You don’t have to worry about configuring and updating pro

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