Networks & Connectivity Services

The College network (AC*Net) consists of local networks within buildings and a backbone network that connects the local networks to each other, other campus locations and offices,  and to other networks such as the Internet and the ORION Research network.

This network is built in a highly reliable fashion with edge networking equipment providing up to 1 Gb connectivity to end user systems via category 5E and category 6A structured cabling connections. Edge networking equipment are connected via fibre to  highly reliable distribution networking equipment which is linked via redundant fibre operating at 10 Gb speeds to geographically dispersed  redundant network cores.

The College’s physical network is logically divided into a series of different network segments to implement security policies which ensure the integrity of College systems while simplifying individual access to network resources. Security infrastructure monitors network connections and network flows to ensure compliance with College policies and operational best practices.

This physical backbone is integrated with several network services which provide network operating functions related to network address and name management. These services are provided through a reliable scalable infrastructure to ensure the ongoing stability of these critical services.

The College’s network supports over 15,000 physical connections and over 7,000 wirelessly connected devices in a secure reliable manner.

Services include: