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May 9th


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May 11th

May 9-11, 2016 – See You There!

Kaleidoscope is a yearly professional development conference for all Algonquin College employees, providing them the opportunity to showcase their expertise and attend workshops that cover a variety of engaging topics.

The theme for this year is “AC Success: Our Actions Make a Difference!”

The annual Kaleidoscope Conference brings together all Algonquin College full and part-time employees with the goal of deepening our understanding of the College as a whole.  As a professional learning opportunity for AC employees, the Conference is premised on the notion that it is through our learning and growth that AC will ultimately be successful.

This year, the Kaleidoscope Planning team is working in collaboration with the Employee Engagement Sub-Committee of the Strategic Enrollment Management Coordinating Committee to bring the Conference to all College employees.

Working from the premise that every College employee has a role to play in AC Success, each Conference activity will provide participants with the opportunity to:

  • describe how Algonquin is positioned to face short- and long-term environmental opportunities and challenges,
  • be introduced to innovative student success practices within post-secondary education and consider their application at AC,
  • increase their awareness of our students’ realities “in, through and beyond” their journeys at AC,
  • deepen their understanding and recognition of the significance of our respective roles, their interdependence and impact on student success,
  • showcase and celebrate AC best practices in student retention and success.