Keynote Speakers

Dan Pontefract
Monday, May 13th

As Head of Learning & Collaboration at TELUS, Dan is responsible for the overarching learning, collaboration & leadership development strategy for the company. Dan championed the introduction of the TELUS Leadership Philosophy (TLP), an open and collaborative-based leadership framework for all 40,000+ TELUS team members. In parallel to these actions he has driven a philosophical and cultural shift in the way TELUS views and experiences learning; the shift to a social, informal and formal learning and collaboration model bringing TELUS to the forefront of connected learning and leading. He further championed the use and deployment of collaborative technologies to complement both the learning and leadership frameworks.

Dan is a passionate leader in the learning, leadership and collaboration technology spaces and is uniquely skilled to ensure an organization can move from traditional models and cultures to those that embrace participative, connected and collaborative frameworks.

His career is interwoven with both corporate and academic experience, coupled with an MBA, B.Ed and multiple industry certifications and accreditations. Dan is also a renowned speaker and has been invited to deliver over 40 external keynotes and presentations since 2009. In 2012 he appeared on the covers of T+D Magazine and Chief Learning Officer Magazine.

Among his awards and recognitions, Dan was acknowledged by CLO in 2010 as a ”Vanguard Award‟ winner and is a 2-time winner by the Corporate University Best in Class Awards of the ”Leader of the Year‟ in both 2010 and 2011. In 2012, CLO Magazine bestowed the ”Learning in Practice Innovation Award‟ as well. He is the recipient of the 2012 Brandon- Hall ”Gold Award in Strategy & Governance” and in 2012, his team became a 7-time winner of the prestigious ”ASTD BEST” award.

Talk to Dan about Manchester United, cycling, his wife Denise or their three young children (Claire, Cole and Cate) and you won’t be able to shut him up. He’s an educator at heart.

His first book, “Flat Army: Creating a Connected and Engaged Organization” publishes March 25, 2013 through Wiley.

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young
Tuesday, May 14th

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young is the Director of Arrowsmith School and Arrowsmith Program.  She holds a B.A.Sc. in Child Studies from the University of Guelph and a Master’s degree in School Psychology from the University of Toronto.

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young is recognized as the creator of one of the first practical applications of the principles of neuroplasticity (the brain’s ability to change as a result of one’s experiences) to the treatment of learning disorders. She continues to develop programs for students with learning disabilities and her program of cognitive exercises is implemented in 40 schools in Canada, the U.S. and Australia.

She is the author of the international bestseller, The Woman Who Changed Her Brain in which she describes her journey of discovery driven by her hunt for a solution to her own debilitating learning disorders leading to the integration of two lines of neuroscience research.

Rick Boersma
Wednesday, May 15th

Rick was introduced to the field of education and training in 1985 working with youth in wilderness treatment programs. He also had the opportunity to collaborate with probation officers, social workers, police SWAT teams and students from some of the country’s top-rated colleges and universities. Rick became a program manager for the Canadian Outward Bound Wilderness School where he began his work in corporate training. From 1995 through 2000, he was a lead designer and facilitator for Eagle’s Flight Creative Training Excellence Inc. creating and facilitating experiential training programs across North America for Fortune 500 companies. Rick co-founded Floworks Simulations and Training in 2000 creating and facilitating training simulations including Innovation in a Box, C6 – Accountability™, Terra Nova™, The Big Picture™ and Enterprise™. In 2010, Floworks Simulations and Training founders, Rick Boersma and Aspen Heisey officially joined the Juice Inc. team. Floworks strengths complement and dovetail with the Juice Inc. offerings, adding expertise in innovation accountability and highly customized simulations.

Creativity, problem solving and new ideas have been core to Rick’s success. He has always been interested in the process of innovation and new ideas and has studied the concepts for more than eight years. As an expert in this area, he is currently putting together his thoughts in a Graphic Innovation Guide to be published later this year.