Start your semester right with the Ottawa campus SLC

As another semester gets rolling, you will once again be asked to pull from your memory banks things you have learned in previous semesters and some things from as far back as high school. But what if you can’t recall some of those pesky grammar rules, or that fundamental math you learned in semester one just isn’t really looking familiar anymore? What if you’re a new student this semester and you hear everyone talking about Blackboard but you don’t know the first thing about it? You have two options: you can stay stuck and let your frustrations overwhelm you, or you can seek some support.

The Student Learning Centre (SLC) at the Ottawa campus is one of the resources available to help you. The services offered through the SLC focus on the fundamental skills associated with your English, Math and Computer needs. The best part about the SLC? It doesn’t cost you anything!

One of the services available to you through the SLC is a one hour appointment with a writing coach. Our writing coaches are here to support you through your challenges with grammar, writing papers and citing your sources. They will even review some self-editing techniques.

If English isn’t your first language, you may be stressed about having to present in front of the class because you worry about speaking. The SLC can help you with that as well! The SLC also has English as a Second Language coaches available. These coaches specialize in helping with reading comprehension, as well as with practice speaking. These one hour appointments are also in a one-on-one setting and they are also offered at no charge to students.

What if you’re in a math based course and you are having difficulty with a math problem or formula that was presented to you in class? The SLC has a math drop-in service that is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Because this service is a drop-in, you are welcome to access this support without an appointment. The math coaches will not do your work for you, especially if you are to hand it in for marks. What they will do is help you understand how the area of math you are struggling with works. This may be by changing the variables in the question you are stuck on and working through the formula with you, or it may be reviewing previous theory you need to understand in order to overcome your current concern.

Finally, the SLC also offers computer coaching. Computer coaching is another one-on-one, hour-long appointment that students can access at no charge. Computer coaching focuses on College technologies such as Blackboard, ACSIS, and your College email. The service will also help you with various Microsoft Office products. Let’s assume, you’ve been asked to hand in your assignment on Blackboard. The problem is you have never used Blackboard before. Our coach can help you!

Appointments for the Student Learning Centre can be booked on the SLC website or in person at the Peer Tutoring and Student Learning Centre booking desk, located in the Peer Tutoring Centre (room A148, Ottawa campus).


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