Have a Blind Date with a Book

Ah, Valentine’s Day. February 14th can be a lovely reminder of how lucky you are to have that special someone in your life; inducing feelings of romance and dreaminess. For others, it can be a definite drag.  I think we have all, at one time or another, felt the pressure brought on by this occasion.

Our display of books that are wrapped up in brown paper for 'blind dates'.

Our selection of eligible candidates.

Do you have the time or money to purchase the perfect gift? Have you found a special someone to share the day with? We get it. But don’t stress! Because this Valentine’s Day, all of us at the Ottawa campus library want to help you find the perfect date to cuddle up with!

Cue ‘Blind Date with a Book’.

We’ve wrapped up some great books that we think you’ll enjoy. You can choose one to check out as your blind date. What better way to spend Valentine’s day than curled up with a good book? You might find a new favorite or even your one true literary love. It’s always exciting to find out what book you’ve chosen. It might be something you’ve been meaning to read for a while, or it could be completely new to you.

The instructions are simple:

A book wrapped in brown paper with the description "I am a beloved best-seller and a must read!"

It would be hard to top this Valentine’s date.

  • Browse the display of wrapped books and judge each one, not by their cover, but by their descriptions.
  • Once you have found a book that peaks your interest, bring it to the circulation desk with your AC Card.
  • Tweet us @AC_Library using the tag #ACBookDate and let us know if the date was a dud or a match made in heaven!

This display will remain up in the Ottawa campus library until February 14 – just in time to find your perfect match.


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