Find current ebooks on technology with Safari

Students today have to be up-to-date on current technology. Technology is changing fast, and it is important to know about the tools and technology that you will use in your program and in your career. Luckily, through the Library, you have access to Safari: a digital resource collection that provides access to ebooks on technology, from experts in the field. These ebooks provide helpful information to get you started or to improve your skills with various technologies.

Students in the Mobile Application Design and Development program can find a list of ebooks on Mobile Development, with ebooks on developing forexample of a list of books in safari iOS devices or Android devices. There are a wide range of guides to help you with topics such as coding, and UX and UI design. For example the ebook There’s Not an App for That looks at aspects of mobile UX and helps you evaluate designs. Android™ 6 for Programmers: An App-Driven Approach provides a guide to developing apps for Android 6 and includes example apps.

Students in Engineering Technology and Engineering Technician programs can find ebooks on Engineering, including Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. You can find ebooks on Design Theory and Methods using CAD/CAE, and ebooks on programming, such as the ebook  Make: JavaScript Robotics.

Safari even has ebooks on Geographic Information Systems, such as Geospatial Data and Analysis, and on Networking, such as Fundamentals of Information Systems Security.

Students not in technology programs can still find useful ebooks. Safari has ebooks on the different Windows  and Mac operating systems , so if you’ve recently updated to Windows 10, or you’ve switched over to Mac, you can find resources for help. There are also ebooks on Office 365.

The advantage of ebooks is that you don’t have to be on campus to access them. Whether you’re studying at a coffee shop and you want information to help you with an assignment, or you’re at home and looking for resources to help you learn a technology skill, you can easily find what you’re looking for online through Safari.

Safari can be accessed on the Library home page, under ‘Beyond One Search’, in the Ebooks & Audiobooks section.


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