How to deliver a presentation that will knock the socks off any audience

Some people are born with the gift of gab—the ability to speak eloquently and effortlessly. We watch in awe as these people address a group without ever missing a beat or breaking a sweat. Now what if I said that could be you?

We believe anyone can master the art of public speaking when given the proper tools. Fortunately, there are an abundance of resources available in the Student Learning Centre, as well as in through the Library.

Essential Study Skills Guide

the learning module buttons in the Essential Study Skills guide

Learning modules in the Essential Study Skills guide

The Essential Study Skills guide is a great place to begin. Here you will find a series of three Learning Modules with tips, strategies, and additional resources.

  1. Creating and Preparing for a Presentation: How to develop content, create visual aids and structure an oral presentation.
  2. Presentation Anxiety: How to avoid common presentation problems and how to manage anxiety.
  3. Delivering Presentations: How to deliver an effective presentation (includes a presentation checklist for you to follow).

Workshops for Presentation Stress and Giving Yourself Enough Preparation Time

If you are interested in receiving further, more personalized support before final presentations begin, make sure to register for one of the upcoming workshops offered through the Student Learning Centre at the Ottawa campus. They can help you manage the stress you may be feeling about your presentation, or manage your time so that you have enough of it to devote to presentation prep.

Stress Management Workshop

Balancing your course-load and personal commitments can be a stressful experience for many college students. This workshop, led by an Algonquin College counsellor, will help students learn more about stress. It will also introduce practical strategies to help with stress management so that you can focus better on your learning!

Getting Started on Assignments and Avoiding Procrastination

“If I’d just started earlier, I could have done so much better.” Although many students claim to work better under the pressure of deadlines, not having enough time to complete assignments can mean that you are not reaching your potential as a student. Learn to maximize your marks by starting early and breaking down your assignments into manageable parts using an “assignment tracker.” This workshop is also about sharing techniques that will help you break the habit of putting off work and learn strategies to avoid procrastination.


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