Give a Book, Get a Book

The Book Exchange bookshelf in the library

The AC Library Book Exchange bookshelf

If you’ve been in the Ottawa campus library this week, you may have noticed a small new bookshelf near the front desk, covered with signs saying ‘Give a Book, Get a Book’. This bookshelf is filled to the brim with books, but these books aren’t part of the Library’s normal collection. This bookshelf is part of the new AC Library Book Exchange!

The Guidelines

Here’s how it works: take a book from the Exchange and replace it with another book that you enjoyed. The exchanged book(s) should be leisure reading material; that is, they should be books that are not related to study matter. This is a great opportunity to share books and discover new favourites!

Books on the Book Exchange shelf are freely available. You don’t need your AC Card to take one. You don’t need to check these books out at the front desk, and there are no late fees. All we ask is that if you take a book, you replace it with a book of your own.

Poster for the Book Exchange with the words 'Give a Book, Get a Book'.Book exchanges have been popping up all over the world, and we’re excited to add ours in the Library. Book exchanges are a great way to share leisure reading material with other members of the College community. You might end up with an instructor’s old favourite, or pass along one of your favourites to another student.

We hope you will participate in our Book Exchange, so don’t be shy if you see something that interests you!


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