Suggesting Items to Add to the Library Collection

What is Collection Development?

Collection Development is an ongoing process that the Library undertakes to maintain a collection that supports the courses taught at the College. Students, faculty and staff may recommend books, periodical titles, digital resources and/or videos for their campus library’s collection. All requests will be reviewed by the Selector for that subject area, and if necessary, the Collection Development Librarian and Library Manager. We will do our best within budget restrictions, or Collections Development Policy, to meet your request.

When Can I Make a Recommendation?

Our primary purchasing period is the spring and summer. This ensures that items can be ordered, received and processed for the Fall term. Items requested outside this period will be placed on a pending ordering list until the following budget year.

How Can I Make Recommendations?

To recommend materials for purchase, please gather as much information as you can about the item(s) that you wish to order.

You can submit a suggestion:

  • In person at the front desk of your campus library.
  • Via our email address
  • In collaboration with the Library Collection Development Team.

Who is the Selector for My Area?

The Library Collection Development Team is available to help you with the selection of materials. They can help you research resources, contact publishers and vendors and inform and answer questions about our Library Collection Policy for you.

Subject Area Selector Team Member
Police and Public Safety Maureen Sheppard
Business Brenda Mahoney
Health and Community Studies Lorraine Ladouceur
Hospitality and Tourism Brenda Mahoney
Career & Academic Preparation – GAS. Brenda Mahoney
Language Institute Brenda Mahoney
Media and Design Brenda Mahoney
Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence Amy Simpson
Advanced Technology Amy Simpson
Pembroke Campus Selector Patricia Kim
Perth Campus Selector Ann MacPhail

*The acquisition of digital resources and periodical titles can be a long process as these are licensed yearly, rather than being one time purchases such as a book. A strong case needs to be made for their acquisition and additional funding needs to be sought to support their purchase.