Digital Resources Trials

Birds of North America (BNA)

This resource provides access to the most comprehensive reference for the life histories of over 760 bird species that breed in the United States and Canada. It includes species accounts accompanied by sounds, images, and videos, as well as distributional maps and model output.

Note: This trial ends June 15, 2017.

British Nursing Database (ProQuest)

This resource provides access to abstracting and indexing for hundreds of titles, supporting the practice, education, and research for nurses, midwives, and health providers. Coverage focusses on the UK, Australia and Canada and dates back to 1993.

Note: This trial ends May 7, 2017.

Joanna Briggs Institute Evidence-Based Practice (OVID)

This resource provides access to evidence-based practice resources to assist healthcare professionals to provide the best possible patient care.

Please contact the Library for the login information. Please provide your Staff or Student number when requesting the information.

Note: This trial ends May 5, 2017.