Algonquin Libraries will accept donations of the following items:

  • Print books (in good condition, less than 5 years old, and that support the curriculum offered by the college).
  • Paperback books for our Leisure Reading Collection (Woodroffe and Perth only).

We do not accept:

  • Duplicate titles (unless the item is in high demand).
  • Periodicals.
  • Video/DVD materials.
  • Publisher or preview copies marked as such by the Publisher.

Once donated, the item becomes the property of the Library, to be retained or disposed of as required.

In co-operation with the Algonquin Foundation, tax receipts can be issued for the market value of items that are added to the collection. To receive a tax receipt for gifts in kind, donors must provide a spreadsheet prior to transferring the materials to the library. The spreadsheet should include the following: author, titles, publisher, publication date.

Donations of collections valued at less than $1,000 (only one donation will be accepted in a given year) may be appraised by experienced Library staff. In accordance with Canada Revenue Agency requirements, collections valued at more than $1,000 must be assessed by an independent appraiser, the cost of which will be covered by the donor.