How do I Deal with Library Fines or Lost Books?

Library fines and lost books fees are assigned to a user’s Library account when an item is not returned by its due date, it is misplaced or lost.

  • Fees are accumulated per item for each day overdue. Late items continue to accumulate fines until they are returned.
  • The user will be expected to pay a fee for the replacement of the item, as well, as a processing fee so the Library can acquire a replacement.
Fines Per Hour Per Day Maximum Notes
General Collection Books, Cassettes CDs $0.30 $20.00

All fines accumulate per item.

Laptops $20 $800
Reserve Items (3 hour) $1.00 $30.00
Reserve Items (3 day) $3.00 $30.00
Visual Media $3.00 $50.00
Lost Items Replacement fees will vary depending on the value of the material(s) plus $10.00 processing fee

Fines and lost fees payment methods

  • Cash, in person at the Library.
  • Credit or debit. These methods may not be available at all three campuses. Please contact your campus library before coming in to pay.
  • Cheque sent by mail or in person. Cheques should be made out to the “Algonquin College Library”.

Note: The Library does generate overdue notices that are sent via email with a final notice arriving by mail. Non-receipt of such notices does not absolve Library users of the responsibility to return Library materials by their due date.  Please ensure that the Library has your correct mailing and e-mail address.

How to avoid late fees and lost items

  • Review your Library account to ensure you know when to return your items and what items you have borrowed.  
  • You can also use your Library account to renew an item if you know you will not be on campus to return the item.