Accessible Services

Accommodation Requests

  • Retrieving Material
    Staff are available to pull material from the shelves if you require assistance. 
  • Extending a Loan Period
    An extended loan period may be requested for some material subject to the material’s availability.
  • Assistance with Photocopying
    Staff will assist you with your photocopy requirements. You will need to supply your own photocopy card.

Tools on Reserve and Available for Use in the Library

  • MATIAS Half keyboard
  • OPTELEC Compact mini pocket size video magnifier
  • Maxwell Mac Link large print keyboard
  • Sound cancelling headphones
  • Spirit Book2net scanner (scan/enlarge and save to your own data key in OCR format)

Our Vendors and AODA Compliance

How do I Request the Library’s Accessible Services?

For immediate requests such as:

  • Retrieving items from the shelf when you are in the Library.
  • Extending the loan period of an item if it is not in high demand.
  • Assisting with a limited amount of photocopying.

Note you may also place a hold on an item 24 hours in advance and then the item will be at the Front Desk. 

Ask at the Library Front Desk.

For more complex requests such as:

  • Retrieving a large number of items to be ready for you. Please include the titles and Call numbers of the items required.
  • Requesting an extended loan period for your material.
  • Obtaining assistance with a large amount of photocopying.

Send an email to:

Other Accessibility Services

  • Requesting Alternate Format for Classroom Materials
    Alternate format textbooks, accessible media for the classroom, and educational resources such as notes and test requests may be made through the Centre for Accessible Learning (formerly Centre for Students with Disabilities). Transcription Services at Algonquin.
  • College Tools for Accessibility
    • Algonquin Replay is a service that facilitates the recording and hosting of classes, presentations, discussions or instructional vignettes using Camtasia Relay, which permits captioning.
    • Epage Reader: Cut and paste your electronic text into the box below to create an audio file to listen to or download.
  • CELA (the Centre for Equitable Library Access)
    CELA is a public library service for people who cannot read print due to a disability. Of interest to our faculty would be the Educator Access Program which gives teachers and access to CELA’s full collection and services on behalf of their students who have difficulty reading print due to a print disability. CELA Educator Access includes a free organizational membership for your school to Bookshare, the world’s largest online library of accessible books.