Looking for a Journal

Searching for online articles using library digital resources.

You can look for journals in the Library collection using a variety of tools: (if you are off campus you will be prompted to enter your Library account information)

  1. The Journals and Ebooks Locator
  2. Digital Resource Collections

The Journals and Ebooks Locator

  1. Open the Journals and Ebooks Locator by clicking the Journals & Ebooks button on the homepage.
  2. Search the Journals and Ebooks Locator by title of journal, magazine, newspaper, or ebook. The results of a search will display the available titles. The issues available will be listed for any print materials and digital resource collections that contain this publication.
  3. Choose from the list of digital resources and print collections that provide access to the publication. Take note of the years covered by each collection.
    • For digital resource collections, choose the year and issue that you need.
    • For print collections at the Library, you can retrieve the item from the shelf. Journals and magazines are shelved alphabetically by title.

Digital Resource Collections

  1. Open a list of digital resource collections. For future reference, the links to these lists are located in the right sidebar of the page, under Library Resources. Digital resource collections are organized in the following ways:
  2. Choose a digital resource collection.
  3. Search for a publication within the collection.