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This site provides links to various museum employment resources. It is meant as an aid to those seeking employment with museums, science centres, and cultural/heritage organizations. There are no job postings here! It is a collection of personal links. I take no responsibility for any experience you may have with the sites listed.

If you stumbled here by accident and know nothing about museum work, there are a few basic information resources listed below. Good luck and good hunting!

Types of Museum Jobs

Museum Careers - AAM - browsing these job listings from the Association of American Museums (AAM) will "provide an understanding of the education, experience, and skills that museums are requiring for specific jobs" (from "The ABCs of Museums" on the "About Museums" link on the same web page).
Museum Careers - Smithsonian - a slightly more detailed listing on the Smithsonian site, based on an AAM article.
Behind The Scenes - an excellent resource from the Association of Science-Technology Centers. Various science center professionals describe their jobs.

The best way to find out about museum work is to volunteer or undertake an internship at your local museum.

General Museum Resources

Canadian Heritage Information Network
Museum Computer Network
WWW Virtual Library Museums Page

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