Helicopters from Ornge, Canadian Coast Guard join Aviation program “training fleet”


The Ornge helicopter joins a Canadian Coast Guard helicopter on loan to the College that was installed at the Canadian Air and Space Museum just before the holidays.

Algonquin College Aviation program students will have another helicopter to train on when an Ornge helicopter arrives at the Canadian Air and Space Museum on Thursday morning — the second Aviation program helicopter training tool to arrive at the museum in a month. Read more >

Algonquin launches 50th anniversary website

50th Website

Algonquin College celebrates it’s 50th anniversary, launching a website to highlight the years events.

Algonquin College has launched a 50th anniversary website where employees, students, alumni and the public can explore the celebration plans and make their own contributions to the Algonquin story.
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Diagnosing the Future of Hospital Food

Nov. 23, 2016 (Ottawa) — If you’ve ever been sick, you know the important role of food in your recovery. Food can provide energy, help build immunity, and put us in the positive frame of mind that’s needed to get us back on our feet. For these reasons, hospitals around the world are taking note of how they can help their patients by updating their menus. Read more >