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Giacomo Panico visited the AC campus last month and discovered the many ways our students prepare for their careers (CBC News)

A haircut for $10? A massage for $35?

Of course, all of us here at AC know the College’s best-kept secrets are the services provided by our students at discount rates.

But it was all new to CBC’s Giacomo Panico, who visited the AC campus last month and discovered the many ways our students prepare for their careers as part of their course work.

With cameraman and microphone, Panico started out with a relaxing massage in AC’s Massage Therapy Clinic, where a full massage and assessment costs only $35. The same massage at a public clinic could cost as much as $140.
Then it was off to the AC Salon and Spa where Panico had his hair trimmed — a service that costs only $10 at AC, but can be double that amount at a hair salon.

Then Panico sported some AC green — with a bright-green facial. At a pro facility, this can cost as much as $60 for an “express facial,” but at Algonquin College’s spa it’s only $45.

Panico also had his teeth cleaned in the AC Dental Clinic (he confessed to his student dental hygienist that he hadn’t flossed … ). A basic cleaning costs only $45, offering significant savings to families without dental insurance.
The day was flying by and Panico still had several more stops before he could rest.

After his dental cleaning, it was off to our Vet Tech facility where Dr. Norah Nixon and her team told Panico how members of the public can take advantage of free dog-grooming services. He also met Arya, one of the friendly pets available for adoption (Arya was so excited to meet her new friends that she took a bite out of the CBC microphone!).

Panico also took advantage of the expertise of our students at Campus Travel, who helped him research the best deals and flights for a bicycle tour of Italy.
After that, it was a quick stop for some take-home treats at Savoir Fare (Bavarian cream to go for $6).

And after all that racing across campus, Panico was ready to relax and enjoy lunch (mussels and pecan pie) at Restaurant International, where a three-course lunch is only $15.99 (alas, Panico only had time for two courses that day).

You can watch the CBC TV story here, watch the online video here, and hear the almost 20-minute radio segment here.


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