Comic takes kid-centred approach to underscore importance of immunization

OTTAWA, CANADA – Alien invaders descend on a world while defensive forces mobilize to battle the intruders … is this the plot from an upcoming blockbuster movie or a creative approach to science education? These scenes are from a new online comic, Immunity Warriors: Invasion of the Alien Zombies, created to educate elementary school students about the immune system and the role of immunization in defending against illness.

Conceived by Dr. Kumanan Wilson, a physician, researcher and comic book fan, Invasion of the Alien Zombies approaches immunization education from a child’s perspective. Continue reading

Helicopters from Ornge, Canadian Coast Guard join Aviation program “training fleet”


The Ornge helicopter joins a Canadian Coast Guard helicopter on loan to the College that was installed at the Canadian Air and Space Museum just before the holidays.

Algonquin College Aviation program students will have another helicopter to train on when an Ornge helicopter arrives at the Canadian Air and Space Museum on Thursday morning — the second Aviation program helicopter training tool to arrive at the museum in a month. Continue reading