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Teaching Adult Lifelong Learners is designed especially for part-time teachers. It is offered jointly by the Centre for Continuing and Online Learning and the Centre for Organizational Learning.


As educators strive to become “Professors of the 21st century,” they must start by scrutinizing their understanding of the traditional learning environments before embarking on the move to a more global classroom. “Professors of the 21st century” will be expected to facilitate the learning process of their students as well as the development of competencies that are needed for the realities of today’s universal educational market.

This certificate program focuses on the seven competencies of the Algonquin College Professor of the 21st Century Framework. Courses introduce participants to a variety of teaching and learning strategies through the use of hybrid and online learning, mini-teaching sessions, and in-class workshops, culminating in both a teaching practicum and portfolio.

Participants learn how to use technology to enhance the learning process, advancing their ability to design and develop curricula that promote student success. Participants also examine how professional practice within the discipline of teaching, influences personal learning and global citizenship.

To qualify for this certificate, participants must complete the program within five years.

Vocational Standards

  1. Create and maintain a learning environment that supports learning for a range of adult learning needs and interests.
  2. Plan and facilitate learning experiences that help a variety of participants achieve course learning requirements.
  3. Assess student learning using a variety of valid and reliable evaluation tools and strategies.
  4. Identify and access resources that support teaching and learning.
  5. Use skills of reflective practice to develop a personal growth plan to facilitate one’s own growth as a teacher.
  6. Use current technology to support learning.
  7. Identify and apply discipline-specific practices that contribute to the local and global community through social responsibility, economic commitment and environmental stewardship.

The complete program requires 174 normative hours of course work. Normative hours are the number of hours usually needed to complete the learning requirements of a course. Normative hours may vary from the actual hours of instruction.

For more information please contact the Centre for Organizational Learning at 613-727-4723 ext. 5465 or by email at vibertt@algonquincollege.com, or the TALL Coordinator, Leigh Ridgway at 613-727-4723 ext. 5591 or by email at ridgwal@algonquincollege.com

Admission Requirements

Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) or equivalent, OR Mature Student Status.

Professional or industry certification and/or relevant work experience. An interview may be required to determine suitability of relevant work experience.

To ensure program fit, and before registering for this program, please contact Leigh Ridgway at ext. 5591 or ridgwal@algonquincollege.com.


Tuition is charged on a course by course basis. In keeping with College policy, fees for those who teach at Algonquin are $20 per course.  Please note: Participants who choose to take EDU2004, EDU2012, or EDU2013 will be required to pay an additional on-line technology fee.

How to Register

To register for this program please contact Leigh Ridgway at ext. 5591 or ridgwal@algonquincollege.com before going to the Registrar’s Office:

Woodroffe Campus Office – C150
Phone (613) 727-0002
Toll free 1-800-565-4723
TTY (613)727-7766

1385 Woodroffe Avenue, Ottawa ON K2G 1V8
Phone (613) 727-4723