Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but in today’s competitive job market, it is becoming increasingly more attractive to college students.  As a result, many post-secondary schools are creating entrepreneurial hubs and putting tools in place to support those students who are interested in starting up their own business or being innovation leaders.

Algonquin College President Cheryl Jensen has embraced entrepreneurship and  has challenged the college to help instil in all of its students a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation. To that end, the Waterfront Campus has introduced its first Entrepreneur in Residence.

Chris Dore with arms crossed and smiling at cameraChristopher Doré is already on board with Algonquin’s vision to help its students take the necessary steps to explore becoming an entrepreneur.  Doré has been teaching entrepreneurship and professional sales to business students in Ottawa and has also been active as a mentor, embedding himself in the newly created Entrepreneurship Hub at the Woodroffe Campus.

With a background as a wealth advisor and business owner, Doré well understands the risks of entrepreneurship and the rewards,  and can provide advice to students who “have the bug.”  Not everyone has the ambition or risk tolerance to be a “traditional” entrepreneur, but being exposed to the concepts of entrepreneurialism is a positive step forward in teaching Algonquin’s students how they can create new opportunities for themselves in the workplace.

Over the next few months, Doré will be busy building a foundation that will create a culture of entrepreneurship at the Waterfront Campus.  He’ll be aided by faculty who are already critical thinkers and leaders in applied education and research, and are anxious to take the next steps in supporting the graduates of the future.

It’s an exciting initiative that builds on the reputation of the Waterfront Campus to be one of the most progressive regional college campuses in the country.

Our Entrepreneur in Residence works closely with our Office of Applied Research. If you have a project proposal or would like to learn more about the applied research initiatives taking place in your community, please visit our Applied Research at the Waterfront Campus website >>

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