This two-year Ontario College Diploma program is ideal for students who want to be at the forefront of modern construction carpentry trends. Our knowledgeable, experienced faculty will guide your studies as you become familiar with the theoretical and practical aspects of building energy-efficient, environmentally responsible, healthy housing.

Our graduates are prepared to tackle a wide range of carpentry tasks. In the first year of the program, you will develop fundamental carpentry skills, from the layout and framing of floor systems to the installation of interior and exterior finishes. During the second year of the program, you will delve into building science and expand your skills and knowledge by examining energy-efficient design and assemblies, advanced framing techniques and green building principles.

As a second-year student, you will also have the exciting opportunity to work on a major construction project. You will see the project through from footings to finishes, gaining valuable, hands-on experience on a construction site. Our students are currently working on a project that is changing the landscape of the Perth Campus: the Residential Living Lab. This applied research facility will house the Perth Campus’s Office of Applied Research and Innovation, and will become a hub to connect faculty and students with industry partners.