Perth Campus Sheds 2016

Two Sheds are available for 2016.

Each year in the first year of the Advanced Housing and Heritage Carpentry programs, students build sheds/bunkies to complement their course work. Each shed is built to strict standards and with many attributes exceeding building code requirements. The shed/bunkie projects are designed to give the students the opportunity to develop skills for house construction.

Sheds_2016_for_Sales_02a Sheds_2016_for_Sales_01a
Shed One – left from Craig Street Shed Two – right from Craig Street


The front office at the campus or by telephone at 613-267-2859.

– for prepping your shed site scroll to bottom.

General Purchasing Information


  • The total price of the sheds is $4,000.00 plus HST.
  • Purchaser is required to leave a $500.00 deposit.
  • Purchaser is required to arrange the moving of the structure.
  • Purchaser is required to use a licensed and insured contractor to remove the shed from College property and transport the shed. The contractor must have a valid permit in order to move the shed. A copy of the permit and proof of insurance must be submitted prior to moving the shed.
  • Sheds are available for pick-up to be determined. The balance owing, in full, is due at time of pick up. The shed may NOT be removed until the balance has been paid.
  • Sheds must be removed by date to be determined.

Prepping Your Shed Site

In order for your shed to be easily and properly installed here are some suggestions you should follow or hire a contractor to:

Make sure the site is accessible by heavy machinery. The shed will be arriving on a flatbed trailer. The trailer will need to be able to back up to the place where the shed will be installed. You will not be able to move the shed into an enclosed area without a crane or specialized towing equipment as it is extremely heavy.

Purchase 6 cottage pads, gravel, and stone dust. Please refer to the diagram bellow.

Each pad should sit on a 3’ by 3’ area. Remove about 12” to 16” of the topsoil for each of the 6 pad locations.

On top of this spread 2” or so of stone dust and level with a straight edge. This stone dust layer needs to be level with all the other areas.

The centres of the pads should measure 8’ by 12’ as in the diagram below.

The site is now ready for the shed.

Shed Prep