At the Perth Campus you can take two programs and complete them both in just three years.  There are many examples.

Heritage Pathway

You can immerse yourself in the world of Heritage programming by taking our Carpentry Joinery – Heritage diploma program in two years followed by our Masonry – Heritage and Traditional Diploma program in year 3.  In doing so you will get the benefit of exemptions in a number of courses including math, communications, general education, and drafting.  The additional time you gain can be used for additional study or to work part-time.  You can also take these programs in reverse order with similar advantages.

Carpentry Pathway

Perhaps carpentry is your key interest and you wish to take both of our Carpentry Joinery – Heritage diploma and Construction Carpentry – Advanced Housing diploma program.  You can start in one or the other and gain advanced standing into second year of the other program with only a minimum of course make up.  Both these programs approach the concept of sustainability but from two different perspectives.  Imagine your value as a carpenter with the best of both.

Office Administration Pathway

Another key pathway is to combine any of our programs with our Office Administration – General certificate (a September to April program) or our  Office Administration – Executive diploma program (completed in 45 weeks from September to August).  These programs provide you with the foundational skills and tools needed to succeed in the world of work no matter the career path.  Imagine combining your skill set with knowing how to use software such as spreadsheets and desktop publishing, how to produce documents in the business world, all about time management, public relations, records management, banking, researching tools and techniques, accounting, law and event management.  Your ability to succeed as a manager or business owner can be improved exponentially.

Construction Pathway

You could also take Construction Carpentry – Advanced Housing followed by the Masonry – Heritage and Traditional diploma, or vice versa.  Both of these programs are nicely articulated to the trade certifications of carpentry and masonry allowing you in time to pursue both credentials with additional on the job training.  Tradespeople with more than one credential are not common but those that are find their opportunities for employment improved even more.

Business Management and Entrepreneurship (BME) Pathway

This pathway can be combined with any of our programs if you also are considering running or owning a small business in the field that you are studying.  Considering opening your own day care?  Combine a diploma in Early Childhood Education with the BME diploma and increase your chances of success.  Perhaps you completed one of our trades diploma programs and want to open your own contracting business or wish to one day become a manager of a small construction company.  The BME program will provide you the skills to make that happen.  Courses in market research, marketing, finance, social and digital media communications, creating a business plan and management plus a whole lot more will provide you a strong foundation to begin your journey to own and operate your own entrepreneurial enterprise or manage one for someone else.  Your ability to succeed as a manager or business owner will be improved exponentially.

Community Pathway

If working with people to make a difference is important to you consider taking our Early Childhood Education Diploma and our Social Service Worker Diploma and get two diplomas in only three years. After taking one program you will get the benefit of some exemptions in communications and general education. As an Early Childhood Educator you work with families and other professionals to support children’s learning and development. As a Social Service Worker you empower individuals, groups, and communities who are in the process of change and growth. You can make a difference from either of these programs. In combination you will emerge ready to succeed in a variety of agencies working with children and families.