What is PLAR?

Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) is a process that helps adult learners to identify, articulate and demonstrate relevant learning acquired through life and work experiences and translate this learning into college credit.

PLAR Benefits

Credits earned through PLAR may help reduce the amount of in-class time required to earn a credential, reduce the cost of education and encourage placement in a certificate or diploma program at an appropriate level.

PLAR Types

At Algonquin College there are two types of PLAR:

  1. Course PLAR.
  2. General Education Theme PLAR.

It is essential that you choose the appropriate PLAR type based on program of study and eligibility.

Course PLAR

Course PLAR is the traditional method of evaluating prior learning. Your prior learning is assessed based on the individual course learning requirements.   The assessments can include a variety of options including portfolio evaluations, demonstration, challenge exams and others. Learn More

General Education Theme PLAR

The General Education Theme PLAR  is unique in that your prior learning will be assessed based on a theme, not an individual course. Check your program of study requirements to ensure that the theme you want to PLAR  is eligible. Learn More