HS10 Smoking on Campus

  • Policy #: HS10
  • Responsible Authority: Director, Physical Resources
  • Approval Authority: President's Council
  • Executive Sponsor: Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Approval Date: 1995/01/01
  • Last Reviewed: 2014/05/21
  • Mandatory Revision Date: 2019/05/21
  • Downloadable Version: Smoking on Campus

To provide a smoke-free learning and working environment for the College community, in keeping with the Smoke Free Ontario Act (O. reg. 48/06)

All students, employees, contractors and the general public, including any persons or group renting or making use of College facilities 




College Community

All students, faculty, staff, public and other visitors to the College.


For the purpose of this policy, smoking is defined as smoking tobacco or other materials and holding lighted tobacco or other materials intended for smoking. The definition is further extended to include the use of all types of E-cigarettes or any other implement or device used to emulate the act of smoking which involves the production of any airborne contaminants or substances and includes all forms of pipes, holders, instruments, etc., that are used for similar purposes.  


1.            The College recognizes that there are significant health hazards associated with exposure to second hand tobacco smoke. In keeping with the Smoke Free Ontario Act (O. reg. 48/06) and in order to provide a healthy and safe learning and working environment,  smoking is prohibited at all times inside any College owned or leased facility or vehicle. 

2.            Smoking at entrances of the College facilities is not consistent with the image that the College wishes to project to its clients and the public. Consequently, smoking is only permitted outside of a 15 metres radius from any building entrance and exit, and where a smoking shelter is provided.

3.            Smoking is prohibited in any outdoor area of the College that is designated as non-smoking as indicated by the posted non-smoking signs.

4.            Smoking is permitted in smoking shelters provided in various areas on each campus or in outdoor areas where it is not explicitly prohibited. 

5.            Health Services is responsible to maintain smoking cessation programs and promote smoking cessation through regular campaigns.


6.            Members of the College Community who do not comply with this policy will be subject to disciplinary actions, in accordance with applicable disciplinary processes. Such disciplinary action will be progressive in the case of repeated violations.

7.            When requested by Security personnel or other College official, all College staff and students are to identify themselves by showing proper identification.

8.            Supervisors will impose appropriate disciplinary measures on receiving a report of a staff or faculty violation of this policy.                  

9.            Members of the general public who refuse to comply with this policy may be removed from the College premises.







Smoke in smoking shelters provided in various areas on each campus or in outdoor areas where it is not explicitly prohibited. 


Smoking members of the College Community


Issue a Notice of Violation (Appendix 1) if a staff member or a student is found   smoking in non-designated areas.


Security Services


Send notice of infraction involving a staff member to the immediate supervisor. 


Security Services


Review the incident with the staff or faculty member and impose appropriate disciplinary action.


Immediate supervisor


Send notice of infraction involving a student to the Director, Student Support Services who will act on the matter as a complaint of student misconduct under Policy SA 07 Student Conduct.


Security Services


Ask members of the general public who refuse to comply with this policy to leave College property.


Security Services


Appendix 1         Smoking Policy Notice of Violation

HS 04     Staff and Student Identification
SA07      Student Conduct

Smoke Free Ontario Act (O. reg. 48/06)