PM02: Parking

  • Policy #: PM02
  • Responsible Authority: Manager, Parking Services
  • Approval Authority: President's Executive Committee
  • Executive Sponsor: Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Approval Date: 1995/05/16
  • Last Reviewed: 2011/10/26
  • Mandatory Revision Date: 2016/10/26
  • Downloadable Version: Parking


To provide parking on College properties, where available


Employees, students, contractors, clients and visitors to the College




Parking Infraction Notice 

Notice of violation of City of Ottawa bylaw and Algonquin College parking regulations, with an associated fine

Reserved Lot

Parking lot for which specific permits are required which are not interchangeable with other lots

Official Guest

Includes guests of the President, Vice Presidents, Board of Governors, Advancement Office, Advisory Committee members, international delegations


  1. The College will charge parking fees at all College facilities, although the rate and method of collection may differ according to the location of the campus and its cost of operations.
  2. Parking fees must recover all costs related to parking operations and associated infrastructure improvements.  In keeping with College financial policies, the parking operation, as an ancillary service, must also contribute to College overhead.
  3.  Parking rates vary depending on the convenience, proximity to buildings and duration of parking.
  4.  All vehicles are parked entirely at the owner’s risk. The College does not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles and/or their contents due to theft, vandalism or any other cause whatsoever.
  5.  The Manager, Parking  Services will respond to inquiries regarding this policy.
  6.  The  Manager, Parking Services will review and recommend annually parking improvement plans, related budget, parking rates and priorities.

    Accessible Parking 

  7.  The College will designate on all campuses parking spaces with ready access to buildings as reserved spaces for persons with disabilities.  Two types of accessible parking will be available:
     a)  Open Accessible Parking.  These spaces are not assigned and are open for use to anyone having an Accessible Parking Permit.  Payment for these spaces is required at all times.
    b)  Reserved Accessible Parking.  These spaces are reserved for persons with medical needs, as indicated by a doctor’s certificate, a provincial Accessible Parking Permit or equivalent, or a request from Human Resources or Health Services.  Allocation of these spaces will be based on medical needs.  Should the demand exceed the number of spaces available, a waiting list will be maintained.

    Reserved Spaces

  8. Parking for Executives – Woodroffe Campus.  Parking spaces will be reserved for executives including the President, Vice Presidents, Deans and Directors at the Woodroffe campus. The reserved spaces are associated with the position, not the employee.  Permits for such spaces will be sold annually to eligible employees requesting them at the silver rate.
  9. Deans, Directors and Managers from rural campuses, will be given gate passes to the silver lot at the H Building at Woodroffe, to ensure they have a parking space  reasonably close to a centrally located building when travelling to Woodroffe on College business. Other rural  campus staff may get a daily pass for  H Building lot from the administrative office of their home campus.

    Complimentary Parking

  10. Parking without charge to the user is provided only to official guests of the College.  Parking passes for other guests of the College may be purchased by departments at a reduced rate. (See Appendix 1: Complimentary Parking Guidelines).  Departments with a need to offset the cost of parking for part time personnel must do so within appropriate compensation agreements.
  11. College departments in need of reserved parking space(s) must substantiate their request and apply to the Manager, Parking Services. If granted, these spaces are allocated to the department, not a person.  If the spaces are assigned to a College employee ex officio, the employee will be charged at the silver rate.

    Contractor Parking

  12. Contractors may purchase a Contractor Parking Permit for Lot 12 or a multi-lot permit which allow more flexibility for parking.  Under special circumstances, contractors can request a specially marked permit  from Parking Services to park in areas other  those covered  by the Contractor permit or the Multi-lot permit.
    Contractors parked outside the Contractor permit areas without displaying the special permit, or  without having written permission from Parking Services, will be subject to a City of Ottawa  Parking   Infraction Notice.
    Contractors who need their vehicle (for example: a generator fixed in the back of a pickup truck) to  perform their work will be allowed to park in the vicinity of the work area.  A clearly marked pass must identify them. Contract employees who are on the campus to supply manpower or workforce labour must park their vehicles in the designated area for contractor parking with no exceptions.

    Parking Regulations  

  13. With the purchase of a parking permit, permit holders agree to park according to all signs and regulations.  Failure to do so may result in a parking infraction notice, ticket or vehicle tow-away.
  14. Permit holders may appeal parking tickets to the Parking Services Office within five (5) days of receipt of the ticket .
  15. Improperly parked vehicles may be towed without prior notice and removal will be at the owner’s risk and expense.
  16. The  Manager, Parking Services will update parking regulations annually and will  provide them to the parking permit holders when they purchase a parking permit.





Setting Parking Fees


Submit annually parking rates for approval as part of the  College Budget approval process.

Manager, Parking Services


Issue of Parking Permits


Set dates each year by which specific groups can purchase parking permits.  Parking permits will be sold only to these groups by  the specified dates after which time permits will be sold on a first-come first-served basis to all employees and students.


Manager, Parking Services


Purchase parking permits at the Campus regularly attended.

Employees and students


Maintain a waiting list if the demand for parking permits exceeds parking spaces. To the extent practicable, permits will be sold to persons on this list on a first-come first-served basis; however, the College reserves the right to administer waiting lists as it deems necessary.

Manager, Parking Services


Permit Refunds


Refund annual permits on a pro-rated basis from September to March 31st after which there will be no refunds

Manager, Parking Services


Refund monthly permits on a prorated basis at any time.

Manager, Parking Services

Appendix 1:  Complimentary Parking  Guidelines               





College Departments who wish to offer their visitors or guests free parking will contact Parking Services office in a timely manner (a minimum of 24 hours notice), by telephone or e-mail.  The request must include the number of passes requested and the applicable budget code for Parking Services to process payment through an internal journal voucher.

Timeliness of such requests is essential in order to allow sufficient lead time for the Parking Services office to process the request, and to provide departments with the requested parking passes.

Departments will purchase visitor or guest day passes for use in the Visitors’ Lot parking area, at a reduced rate equivalent to the daily rate for the “Pay and Display” lot plus an administrative fee of $1.50 plus applicable taxes.

Visitor or guest day passes will be used only in the Visitors’ Lot parking area and not in the reserved permit lots.  Departments will control the issuance and reconciliation of the passes and will be responsible for their accountability and security.  Departments may return unused and unaltered passes to the Parking Services office prior to the end of the fiscal year and will be issued a credit for the original cost less the administrative fee.

Guests will proceed to the Visitors’ Lot parking area, take a ticket from the dispenser, and park their vehicles.  They will then attend their function or event and receive the visitor or guest pass from the department  responsible for having invited them to the College.  When guests exit the Visitors’ Lot, they must feed the dispensed ticket first, and then their visitor or guest pass second.  Fraudulent or altered passes will be subject to the daily rate of the lot.


Official guests of the College will continue to receive complimentary parking free of charge.  This group includes guests of the President, Vice Presidents, Board of Governors, Advancement, College Advisory Committee members, international delegations, and a limited number of other identified groups.


Complimentary parking in certain designated lots will be extended to students attending orientation or campus preview sessions upon official and timely notification of the Parking Services office by the organizers of these events.


Social events held by departments, or guest lecturers, do not qualify as official guests of the College. Departments may use the Visitors’ Lot parking area for such individuals, however, they will be charged for parking upon exit if they do not posses a valid visitor guest pass as described above.  The Manager of Parking Services will periodically publish a list of periods during the weekly and annual cycles, wherein events for large numbers of external attendees may be accommodated free of charge for parking,  provided that prior arrangement is made with the Parking Services office.