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Enhancing Professional Practice

Monique Cochrane, Professor

Office Administration Executive (Perth)

Since starting part-time in 1988, Monique Cochrane has lead the Office Administration Executive (OAE) program at the Perth Campus.  In 2002, Monique began her full-time position and has taken the OAE program through changes such as condensing the program of study to a 45-week diploma while maintaining a quality educational experience for students.  Monique brings a range of professional skills to the classroom and her mastery of the 1st Competency has created an atmosphere of professionalism in her classrooms that feeds her students.

Contact Info:, 5608

Engaging Learning Environments

Chris Melmoth Mist Project

 Chris Melmoth, Professor

Outdoor Adventure Program (Pembroke)

Chris started working part-time at the College in 2000 and was hired as a full time faculty member in 2004. As a recent Master’s graduate from Royal Roads University, Chris was instrumental in developing skills-based experiential learning models for the Outdoor Adventure Program. Chris has taught in various and dynamic learning environments, including: Costa Rica, China, Tanzania and Mexico. Chris has mastered the 2nd Competency through his integration of various teaching and learning environments to help support academic growth for his students.

Contact Info:, 2880

Teaching Strategies

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Linda Crane, Professor

Information and Communication Technology (Woodroffe)

Linda has worked as a full time professor with the College since 1999 in the field of Information and Communication Technology. She has taught a variety of levels and class sizes; including large introductory courses and small fifth level advanced technical courses. Linda has mastered the 3rd Competency through her continued efforts to adapt and implement various teaching strategies into her classroom. Her incorporation of comprehensive case studies involves integrating many technologies in the programming and networking environments to ‘point and click’ type exercises as first- experiences in a new technology.

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Assessing Students


Cheryl Dowell, Professor

Marketing and Management Studies (Woodroffe)

Cheryl has worked full time with the College since 2005 in the Marketing and Management Studies Program. Since her time at Algonquin, she has initiated a Peer Evaluation project with departmental faculty and has participated in the College Mentorship program with the Centre for Organizational Learning. Cheryl has mastered the 4th Competency with her practice of integrating various evaluation tools and techniques to assess student learning and development.

Contact Info:, 7438

Creating Learning Materials




Daniel Brigham, Professor

Construction Trades & Building Systems (Woodroffe)

Daniel Brigham has worked for the College since 2005, in the department of Construction Trades and Building Systems.  The projects he creates and assesses for students in the program are developed to reflect the practices used in the industry. They are constructed to full scale and all materials are incorporated into the assemblies to create a complete structure, with the finishes and water controls applied. Daniel has mastered the 5th Competency by supplementing in-class lectures with miniature models to support student success.

Contact Info:, 6376

Applying Technology

Moira 1

Moira McDonald, Professor

Hospitality and Tourism (Woodroffe)

Moira has worked in the department of Hospitality and Tourism since 2006. She has been an active participant in the college-wide Kaleidoscope conference, taking an interest in the subject of creating effective learning environments using technology in the classroom. Moira has mastered the 6th Competency through her continued efforts to integrate various tools and educational technology into her lessons to help motivate and engage student learning. 

Contact Info, 7419

Curriculum Design

Kerry 3

Kerry Surman, Professor & Coordinator

Technical Communication & Applied Science and Environmental Technology (Woodroffe)

Kerry has taught full time in Communication and General Education at the College since 2003. She has developed, modified, and revised a number of courses in information planning, editing, and usability to make the Technical Writer program more current and relevant. She has also applied her curriculum design and development skills to a number of mandated and elective General Education courses. Kerry has mastered the 7th Competency from her participation in the See Earth trip to Costa Rica in 2013. This experience helped her learn how to incorporate an awareness of global citizenship and environmental sustainability into her existing curriculum practices.

Contact Info:, 6048