Acronyms at Algonquin College

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The students and employees at Algonquin College use a variety of acronyms. Here is a list of some of the most commonly used acronyms and phrases. If there are any suggested additions, please send them to the Phil Gaudreau –

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3 Rs Reputation, Registration, Retention
AAADD Academic Assistance for Adults with Developmental Disabilities
AAC Academic Access Centre
AAC Academic Area Council
AAL Academic Achievement Level
AC Algonquin College
ACAP Algonquin College Access Project
ACET Algonquin College Executive Team (formerly President’s Council)
ACLT Algonquin College Leadership Team (formerly College Leadership Council)
ACBS Architecture, Civil and Building Science Department
ACCE Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence
ACFFD Algonquin College Family Fun Days
ACMA Algonquin College Management Academy
ACOV Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley (Pembroke Campus)
ACSB Association of Canadian Schools of Business
ACSIS Algonquin College Student Information System
ACV Actual Cash Value
ALEI Algonquin Leadership in Education Institute (also referred to as Leadership Training)
AODA Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
AP Academic Partnerships
APA Format/Style American Psychological Assocation Style
AR Applied Research
AR&I Applied Research and Innovation
ARC Academic Referral Centre
ARI Applied Research and Innovation
ARM Audit and Risk Management
ASA Administrative Staff Association
ASAC Academic and Student Affairs Committee
ASAP Academic Strategic Plan
ASEP General Motors Automotive Service Technician
Apprenticeship Program
ASET Applied Science and Environmental Technology Department
ASMC Academic Services Management Committee
AST Automotive Service Technician Apprenticeship Program
AU Academic Upgrading
BAB eSCM Bachelor of Applied Business e-Business Supply Chain
BACS Business Administration Core and Service Courses
BB Blackboard
BBS Bachelor of Building Science
BHTM Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management
BISI Business Intelligence System Infrastructure
BIT Bachelor of Information Technology
BME Business Management and Entrepreneurship
BOG Board of Governors
BP Business Plan
BSCN Bachelor of Science in Nursing
BTOT Business, Technology and Outdoor Training
BUAD Business Administration Core and Service Courses
BUS Budget Utility System
CA Centrepointe A (ACCE Building)
CAAT Canadian Adult Achievement Test
CAAT College of Applied Arts & Technology
CAC College Academic Council
CAS College Ancillary Services 
CASA Community and Student Affairs
CBC College Budget Committee
CBE Competency Based Education
CC Chairs Council
CCOL Center for Continuing and Online Learning
CCR Co-Curricular Record
CCSR Corporate Community Social Responsibility Conference
CCTC Canadian Council of Technicians and Technologists
CCTSB Centre for Construction Trades and Building Sciences
CDTAC Council of Deans of Trades and Apprenticeship Canada
CE Continuing Education
CEC College Education Council
CEMC College Enrolment Management Committee
CIC Colleges and Institutes Canada
CICan Refer to CIC
CIP College Information Program (Recruitment Tour)
CLA Campus Linked Accelerator (Program)
CLC Campus Living Centres
CLR Course Learning Requirements
CMC College Marketing Committee
CME College Marketing and Enrollment
CMS Content Management System
CO Colleges Ontario
COL Centre for Organizational Learning
COMMS Course Outline Mapping and Management System
COMS Course Outline Management Systems
CONTECH Construction Techniques
COP Committee of Presidents
Core Values Caring, Learning, Integrity, Respect
CPAR Canadian Physician’s Aid Relief
CRC Curriculum Review Committee
CRM Customer Relationship Management
CRMC Corporate Risk Management Committee
CSD Centre for Students with Disabilities
CSEP College Student Employment Program
CSI Course Section Information
CSIC College Space & Infrastructure Committee
CSMC College Space Management Committee
CSO Client Service Officer
CSR Client Service Representative
CT Corporate Training
CTBS Construction Trades and Building Systems Department
CTC College Technology Committee
CTC Canadian Tire Place
ACBS College Technology Committee – Academic
CTC-AC College Technology Committee – Academic Technologies
CTC-CT College Technology Committee – Corporate Technologies
CTSB Construction Trades and Building Systems
DBUS School of Business
DC Dean’s Council
DMC Dean’s Management Committee
DSF Digital Storefront at The Print Shop
E Building Refer to RCGSC
EES Essential Employability Skills
ELC Early Learning Centre
ELSA English Language Skills Assessment
EMET Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician
EMS Enrolment Management System
EOC Emergency Operations Centre
EPI Exceptional Performance Incentive
ERM Enterprise Risk Management
ERP Enterprise Resource Planning
ERP Eastern Region Panel (Recruitment Presentation)
ES Employment Services
ESC Environment Steering Committee
ESCO Energy Service Company
ETECH Environmental Technician
F2F Face to Face
FCTT Faculty of Technology and Trades
Fitzone The Fitness Zone
FLMO Faculty Level Marketing Officer – Refer to FMO
FMO Faculty Marketing Officer
FMS Faculty Marketing Specialist – Refer to FMO
FNOF or FOLS Financial, Office and Legal Studies
FOI Freedom of Information
FTE Full-time equivalent
GAS General Arts and Science
GIS Geographic Information Systems
H2H Here to Help
HECO Health and Community
HEQCO Higher Education Quality Council of Ontario
HES Higher Education Summit
HESC Human Resources Steering Committee
HLE Healthy Living Education
HOAE Health and Occupational Aptitude Exam
HRIS Human Resources Information System
HRM Human Resource Management
Hub, The The AC Hub
IBM International Business Management
ICDP Integrated College (or Campus) Development Plan(ning)
ICT Information and Communications Technology
IDE Institute of Digital Educaiton at Algonquin
IEC International Education Centre
IEN International Educated Nurses
IES International Education Strategy
ISO 31000 International Standard CSA/ISO 31000; 2009 Risk Management Principles and Guidelines
ITCET Information Technology Civil Engineering Technology
ITS Information Technology Services
KPI Key Performance Indicators
KRI Key Risk Indicator
KSA Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
LBS Literacy and Basic Skills
LGIC Lieutenant Governor in Council
LIP Local Immigration Partnership
LLL Live Laugh Learn
LMS Learning Management System
LRC Learning Resources Centre
LTS Learning and Teaching Services
MAD Media and Design
MADD Mobile Application Design and Development
MKMG Marketing and Management Studies
MOA Memorandum of Agreement
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MPT Motive Power Technician
MRBI (previously MBIR) Marketing Research and Business Intelligence
MTCU Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities
MYAA Multi-Year Accountability Agreement
NAC National Arts Centre
NCDOT National Council of Dean’s of Technology
NISOD National Institute for Staff and Organization Development
NORCAT Northern Centre for Advance Technology Inc
NSDP Non-Semester Diploma Program
Ob, The The Observatory
OCAS Ontario College Application Service
OCASA Ontario College Administrative Staff Association
OCEA Ontario Cooperative Education Association
OCIF Ontario College Information Fair
OCMC Ontario College Marketing Competition
OCRI Ontario Centre for Research and Innovation
ODA Outdoor Adventure
ODAN Ourdoor Adventure Naturalist
OEN Ontario Education Number
OER Open Educational Resource
ONFE Ottawa Network for Education
OPSEU Ontario Public Service Employees Union
OQM Organizational Quality Management
OUAC Ontario University Application Centre
PASS Partnering to Achieve Student Success
PD Professional Development
PDCI Program Development & Curriculum Implementation
PEQAB Provincial Education Quality Assessment Board
PIF Productivity and Innovation Fund
PLAR Prior Learning Assessment Review
PLT Photonics and Laser Technology
PM Pembroke
PMC Program Management Committee
PMR President’s Meeting Room
PN Practical Nursing
PPSI Police and Public Safety Institute
PQR Program Quality Review
PRC Program Review Committee (previously CRC Curriculum
Review Committee
PSC Personal Safety Committee
PSC Programs and Services Committee
PSE Post-Secondary Education
PSOW Protocol School of Washington
PSR Plant Some Roots Bursary
PSW Personal Support Worker
PT Perth
RA Risk Assessment
RadSafety Radiation Safety
RCGSC Robert C. Gillett Student Commons
RCM Responsibility Centre Management
REB Research Ethics Board
RECE Registered Early Childhood Educators
RID# Risk Identification Number
RO Registrar’s Office
SA Student’s Association
SAC School Academic Council
SAC Student Academic Council
SAO Student Affairs Orientation
SASC Sustainable Algonquin Steering Committee
SAT School of Advanced Technology
SAM Student Academic Management
SBM Sport Business Management
SEATS See Earth Action Team for Sustainability
SEMC Strategic Enrollment Management Committee
SF SalesForce
SIP Strategic Investment Project
SIP Strategic Investment Priorities
SIS Student Information System
SJS Summer Job Service
SL Skills Link
SLC Student Learning Centre
SMA Strategic Mandate Agreement
SoB School of Business
SoHT School of Hospitality and Tourism
SPSP Strategic Programs and Services Planning
SPTS School of Part-time Studies
SVPA Senior Vice-President Academic
SS Student Services
SSO Single Sign-On
SSS Student Success Specialist
SSS Student Support Services
STEP Settlement to Employment Program
SWF Standard Workload Formula
TEB Technical Executive Breakfast
TERT Tragic Event Response Team
TIOW Targeted Initiative for Older Workers
TP Third Party
WEET Women into Electrical Engineering Technology
WIL Work Integrated Learning
WMG Workload Monitoring Group
WO Woodroffe
WPD Workforce and Personal Development
WRA Workload Resolution Arbitrator
WWW Water and Wastewater Technician
YEF Youth Employment Fund