Fast Facts

Focused on Student Success

Dedication to student success is Algonquin College’s guiding principle and is demonstrated through the quality of its programs, staff, the continual expansion of its facilities, and by forging strategic partnerships. Every action since the College was established has been to ensure students have access to the education and skills training demanded by the marketplace to launch a rewarding career.

Algonquin College of Applied Arts and Technology was established in 1967 and was named after the First Nations people who lived in the area. Algonquin was formed from the merger of the Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology, established 1957, and the Ontario Vocational Centre, established 1965. The College celebrates 45 years as a leader in post secondary education, and has undergone significant growth since its establishment and continues to grow today. All three Algonquin College Campuses have recently completed major expansion projects. The Perth and Pembroke Campuses have built all-new facilities, and the Ottawa Campus now features a new and innovative award-winning trades building, and a first-of-its-kind Student Commons building.

Mission and Vision Statement


To transform hopes and dreams into skills and knowledge, leading to lifelong career success.


To be a global leader in digitally connected applied education and training.

Core Values


We have a sincere and compassionate interest in the well-being of the individual.


We believe in the pursuit of knowledge, personal growth and development.


We believe in trust, honesty and fairness in all relationships and transactions.


We value the dignity and uniqueness of the individual. We value the equity and diversity in our community.

Algonquin College Executive Team (ACET)

  • Cheryl Jensen – President
  • Claude Brulé – Senior Vice President, Academic
  • Duane McNair – Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Laura Stanbra – Vice President, Student Services
  • Cathy Frederick – Vice President, Human Resources
  • Doug Wotherspoon – Vice President, Innovation and Strategy
  • Scott Anderson – Executive Director, Communications, Marketing and External Relations
  • Ron McLester – Executive Director and Special Advisor on Aboriginal Initiatives
  • Complete Organizational Chart

College Deans, Chairs and Academic Managers

  • Faculty of Technology and Trades: Chris Janzen, Dean
    • School of Advanced Technology
      • Andrew Pridham, Chair, Information and Communications Technology
      • David Thibodeau, Chair, Mechanical and Transportation Technology
      • Kerry Surman, Chair, Applied Science and Environmental Technology (Acting)
    • Algonquin College Centre for Construction Excellence
      • Shaun Barr, Chair, Construction Trades and Building Systems
      • Eric Marois, Chair, Architecture, Civil and Building Sciences
  • Algonquin College Heritage Institute: Chris Hahn, Dean
    • Gerry Salisbury, Chair
  • Faculty of Health, Public Safety and Community Studies: Dr. Barbara Foulds, Dean
    • Police and Public Safety Institute
      • Laura Cohen, Chair
    • School of Health and Community Studies
      • Marlene Tosh, Chair, Specialty and Re-entry Health Programs
      • Valerie Fiset, Chair, Nursing Studies
      • Jane Trakalo, Chair, Community Studies
      • Joan Degan, Chair, Allied Health
      • Sandra McCormick, Chair, Wellness Research and Innovation
  • Faculty of Arts, Media and Design: Robyn Heaton, Dean
    • School of Media and Design
      • Peter Larock, Chair, Design Studies
      • Andrew Coxhead, Chair, Media Studies
    • General Arts and Science
      • Sherryl Fraser, Chair
    • Academic Access Centre
      • Claire Ramsay, Chair
  • Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley: Karen Davies, Dean
    • Lynn Jacques, Chair, Business, Technology & Outdoor Training (Acting)
    • Megan Conway, Chair, Health and Community Studies
  • School of Business: Dave Donaldson, Dean
    • Mary Grammatikakis, Chair, Financial, Office and Legal Studies
    • Peter Fortura, Chair, Business Administration – Core and Service Courses
    • Dave Donaldson, Chair, Marketing and Management Studies (Acting)
  • School of Hospitality and Tourism: Jim Kyte, Dean
    • Altaf Sovani, Chair, Hospitality Studies
    • Michael Bakogeorge, Chair, Culinary Arts
  • Centre for Continuing and Online Learning: Patrick Devey, Dean
    • Pat Lychak, Academic Manager, Online Learning
    • Lorna Brigden, Academic Manager, Business
    • Jodi Jaffray, Academic Manager, Community, Health and Public Safety
    • Sandra Larwill, Academic Manager, Technology & Trades, Media & Design
  • Language Institute: Silvia Garcia, Chair
  • Academic Development: Jo-Ann Aubut, Dean
    • Margaret Cusson, Chair, Academic Development
    • Harpreet Singh Sonu, Academic Manager, Curriculum Services

College Executive Directors and Directors

  • Academic Operations and Planning: Mark Leduc
  • Algonquin College Foundation: Amy Desjardins
  • Applied Research: Cristina Holguin-Pando
  • Business Development: Joe Ranieri
  • College Ancillary Services: Brent Brownlee
  • Communications, Marketing and External Relations: Scott Anderson
  • Finance and Administrative Services: Cathy Dempsey
  • Information Technology Services: Mike Gawargy
  • International Education Centre: Ernest Mulvey
  • Labour Relations: Diane McCutcheon
  • Marketing: Alanna McDonell
  • Physical Resources: Todd Schonewille
  • Registrar: Dr. Krista Pearson
  • Risk Management: Colin Bonang
  • Strategic Planning: Dr. Mark Hoddenbagh
  • Student Support Services: Shelley Styles

Schools and Institutes

Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley

Faculty of Arts, Media and Design

  • School of Media and Design
  • Career Academic Access Centre
  • General Arts and Science

Faculty of Health, Public Safety and Community Studies

  • School of Health and Community Studies
  • Police and Public Safety Institute

Faculty of Technology and Trades

  • School of Advanced Technology
  • Algonquin Centre for Construction Excellence

Algonquin College Heritage Institute

School of Business

School of Hospitality and Tourism

Centre for Continuing and Online Learning


269 Ontario College Programs Offered

  • 99 College Certificates, 36 Ontario College Certificates, 69 Ontario College Diplomas, 24 Ontario College Advanced Diplomas
  • 37 Ontario College Graduate Certificates
  • 4 Bachelor’s Degrees

52 online programs

14 Apprenticeship Programs

31 Co-op Programs

5 Collaborative Degree Programs

  • Bachelor of Information Technology – Interactive Multimedia and Design, Carleton University
  • Bachelor of Information Technology – Network Technology, Carleton University
  • Bachelor of Information Technology – Photonics and Laser Technology, Carleton University
  • Bachelor of Science in Nursing, University of Ottawa

5 Bachelor Degree Programs

  • Bachelor of Applied Arts – Interior Design (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Applied Business – e-Business Supply Chain Management (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Building Science (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Early Learning and Community Development (Honours)

Highly Competitive Programs 2015-16

Programs where applications exceed available spaces at the February 1 deadline are considered Highly Competitive. Applicants to these programs are ranked according to their assessment results and/or subject grades. Those with the highest assessment scores and/or subject grades are offered priority admission to the program.

If you are planning to apply to one or more highly competitive programs, please ensure to submit your application and all supporting materials by the February 1 deadline date. This will give you the best chance of getting an offer to a highly competitive program.

  • Child and Youth Care
  • Dental Hygiene
  • Diagnostic Medical Ultrasonography
  • Early Childhood Education
  • General Arts and Science – Pre-Health Sciences
  • General Arts and Science – Pre-Trades
  • Mechanical Techniques – Plumbing
  • Medical Device Reprocessing
  • Medical Radiation Technology
  • Music Industry Arts
  • Paralegal
  • Paramedic
  • Powerline Technician
  • Practical Nursing
  • Pre-Service Firefighter Education and Training
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Veterinary Technician
  • Welding and Fabrication Techniques

Student Population

Full-time: 21,059

Continuing Education: Nearly 38,766 Registrations

International: Over 1,300 international students enroll at Algonquin from more than 100 countries. Recent activity abroad includes projects in countries such as India, China, South Africa, Tanzania, Yemen, and Montenegro.

Age 25 or older: 23%
Age 20 – 24: 41%
Under 20: 36%


Female: 47%
Male: 53%

Student Support Services

For a full list of Student Support Services, please visit:

Human Resources

Full-time Employees: 1,290
Part-time Employees: 3,126

Numbers are an approximation and are taken at a ‘moment in time’ throughout the academic year. For sum totals of all those employed by the College in a given year, please refer to the Annual Report.

Notable Alumni and Faculty

Jason Blaine: Country music star
Jon Cassar: Emmy-winning Hollywood producer and director of the TV series 24
James Cybulski: TSN Reporter
Janice Dean: Fox News Weather Specialist
Jon Dore: Comedian
Collin Douma: Senior Vice President, Global Digital Planning Director at BBDO New York
John Geleynse: Director, Technology Evangelism at Apple Inc.
Tom Green: Comedian
Dave Hale: CEO of Soshal Group, Marketing Magazine 30 Under 30 (2012)
Sue Holloway: Medal-winning Olympian, Kayak, and first woman to ever compete at the Winter and Summer Olympics
Neil MacDonald: CBC Washington Bureau Chief
Norm MacDonald: Comedian
Ian Millar: Medal-winning Olympian, Equestrian
Larry O’Brien: Former Mayor of the City of Ottawa (2006-2010), businessman
Dan O’Toole: FOX Sports TV anchor
Angie Poirier: Majic 100 Morning Show Co-Host and CTV Ottawa Morning Live Co-Host
Veronique Rivest: Second best sommelier in the world (2013), top female finalist ever in the competition
Stuart “Stuntman Stu” Schwartz: Majic 100 Morning Show Co-Host, Ottawa Senators home game announcer
Peter Tilley: Executive Director, Ottawa Mission
Michelle Valberg: Award winning Canadian photographer

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Residence Fees 2015-16

Application deposit: $500

*refundable at move out less outstanding fees, cleaning and damage charges.

Sept-April : $7,210.00

Note: First-time residents are required to purchase a residence meal plan through food services. Options include:

Visit for full details. In cases of discrepancy between the information here and on the Residence website, the Residence website is presumed to be correct.

Physical Resources

Woodroffe Campus Site Area: 357,927 square metres
Centrepointe Site Area: 12,413 square metres
Total: 370,340 square metres
Pembroke Campus Site Area: 56,296 square metres
Perth Campus Site Area: 49,498 square metres

Algonquin Going ‘Green’

  • First Canadian College to sign the Talloires Declaration.
  • Signed the Association of Canadian Community College’s Pan-Canadian Protocol for Sustainability on Earth Day 2009.
  • All planned future facilities will be built to LEED standards. Currently, four Algonquin College buildings are LEED certified.
  • Annual Sustainability Day and first ever Sustainability Week in 2013
  • Multiple energy savings contracts undertaken in Ottawa to reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas production.

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Algonquin College Social Media

Algonquin College is a leader on social media as one of the first colleges to use social networking to support student success and recruitment.

Algonquin College’s Twitter account, @AlgonquinColleg, is a valued communications channel used to disseminate information to students and other stakeholders, respond to questions, share news, and showcase campus activities. @AlgonquinColleg is the official account of both the Ottawa campus and the College organization as a whole, while the following accounts represent our other campuses: @AlgonquinOV (Pembroke, Ontario), and @AlgonquinPerth (Perth, Ontario). @ACPartTime represents our Centre for Continuing and Online Learning.

The Algonquin College Facebook Page is a very engaged community of students, employees, and community partners. Separate Facebook pages are maintained for our Pembroke and Perth campuses, as well as for our International Students department.

Algonquin also has an active YouTube channel where the College regularly celebrates campus activities and initiatives.

Applied Research and Innovation

Areas of Applied Research:

  • Biotechnology (proteomics, genetics, agriculture)
  • Business (marketing, planning)
  • Construction and Building Sciences (advanced construction, structural components)
  • Culinary (product development)
  • Design and media (user experience design, community journalism, social media for business)
  • Energy (wind, solar, SmartGrid, conservation)
  • Environment (water monitoring/testing/treatment, Geographical Information Systems, forestry)
  • Health and community (education, medical devices, health care administration, massage)
  • Information and Communications Technologies (wireless, photonics, computer studies)
  • Manufacturing (mechanical, electrical, photonics)
  • Public security (emergency notification, safety)

Funding Partners:

  • Academic Health Council
  • Canadian Institute for Photonic Innovation
  • Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation (CONII)
  • FedDev
  • Industrial partners

Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada

  • NRC Industrial Research Assistance Program

Ontario Centres of Excellence

  • Ontario Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs
  • Ottawa Technology Transfer Network


Social Sciences and Humanities Research Centre

  • Talent First Network

Member of:

  • Association of Canadian Community Colleges
  • Colleges Ontario Heads of Applied Research
  • Colleges Ontario Network for Industry Innovation
  • Eastern Ontario Manufacturers Network
  • Polytechnics Canada


Varsity Teams

Fitness Zone

More information

Who Comes to Algonquin College?

The following are results taken from the 2009 Algonquin College first-year student survey

Activity 12 months prior to attending current program:

Attending high school – 28%
Attending Algonquin College – 12%
Attending another community college – 3%
Attending university – 6%
Employed full-time outside of home – 27%
Employed part-time outside of home – 7%
Homemaker – 2%
Seeking work while unemployed – 4%
Other/No Response – 12%

First choice educational institution:

Algonquin College – 85%
Another Ontario College – 5%
University – 8%
Private College or vocational institution – 1%
No response – 1%

Algonquin in Ottawa

Algonquin College is located in the Nation’s Capital and the Ottawa Valley. Ottawa’s population is 865,000 and offers many of the perks of a smaller town. Algonquin is only minutes away from hundreds of kilometers of bike and recreational pathways, parks and natural areas. Ottawa is home to the Rideau Canal, a ‘UNESCO World Heritage Site,’ for winter skating and summer boating and recreation. Being in a large city, Algonquin is only minutes away from urban and cultural amenities, including prime shopping, sports and athletics, museums, a wide range of restaurants and festivals. Algonquin is on a major transit hub which students and staff use to travel across Ottawa.

Algonquin in Pembroke

Algonquin College in the Ottawa Valley is located in Pembroke, on the banks of the Ottawa River. Pembroke is a gateway to Algonquin Provincial Park and is surrounded by hundreds of kilometers of natural areas, forests and waterways. Pembroke is home to world-class whitewater rafting, canoeing, kayaking, boating, camping and hiking. Known as the Heart of the Ottawa Valley, Pembroke is home to Canada’s largest outdoor art gallery and is officially registered as Hockeytown Canada. Prime shopping, museums and festivals round out some of Pembroke’s great amenities.

Algonquin in Perth

Algonquin College Heritage Institute’s campus is located just one hour from Ottawa in the historic Town of Perth.  Perth is only minutes away from provincial and municipal parks and the Tay River for summer and winter activities.  Perth has plenty of festivals to choose from all year round, is full of cultural and historical amenities through its architecture, boutique shopping and museums and has been dubbed the prettiest town in Ontario.

Algonquin Abroad

International Partnerships

Rajamangala University of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand
JMI – Jiangsu Maritime Institute(JMI), Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, China
MRIU – Manav Rachna International University, Faridabad (Haryana), India
ISHTAP- Internacionalna Skola za Hotelijerstvo I Turizam Algonquin, Petrovac, Montenegro
SITC- Suzhou Institute of Commerce and Technology, Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China
Algonquin College, Kuwait (Orient Educational Services), Safat, Kuwait
Hotelski Education Centre, Hotel Residence, Hotel Education Centar, Milocer, Montenegro
Liaoning Forestry Vocation-Technical College, Shenyang City, China

Student and Faculty Exchange Agreements

Belgrade Business School, Belgrade, Serbia
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Iraq, Iraq
Haute Ecole Charlemagne, Liege, Belgium
Universidad Contemporanea, Queretaro, Mexico

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Articulation Agreements

Algonquin College offers a number articulation agreements with institutions across Canada, the United States, and around the world. Click here to view our full list.