Admissions Requirements

There are numerous types of requirements that are used at Algonquin College. College requirements are applicable for all programs, whereas other requirements may be program specific.

College Requirements 
These are Academic requirements that apply across the College, and for every program, and are therefore the minimum credentials required to gain admittance to an Algonquin College Program. Algonquin College requires the equivalent of an Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD). If you are over the age of 19 and/or do not have a secondary school diploma, there are a variety of methods to demonstrate equivalency. Click through for more details on meeting College requirements.
Program requirements are a series of academic and other requirements (such as portfolios or writing samples) which are specific to the program for which you are applying. For more information about different types of program requirements, and how to meet them, please click through to the Program Requirements page. If you are applying to more than one program at Algonquin College, make sure to submit all appropriate documents as instructed.
Some programs at Algonquin College require all applicants to complete an assessment to be considered for admission. In other instances, an applicant may be asked to sit an assessment to demonstrate an equivalency to an academic program requirement. To learn more about the different types of assessments used and available at Algonquin College, please visit the Assessment Requirements page.
Graduate Certificate level programs at Algonquin College require a post-secondary degree or diploma. Eligibility Packages are used for those applicants who may only have partial academic requirements, but may be able to demonstrate equivalent experience. What needs to be included in an eligibility package varies with each program. For examples of Eligibility Packages and how to submit them, click through to the Eligibility Package page.


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