Tax Receipts

Official Tuition Tax Receipts (T2202A) are available online via ACSIS in early February for qualifying programs and courses.

Please note that for post-secondary credit activity, fees are prorated over the learning period and are not always credited in the year of payment.

It is not necessary to include the T2202A with your income tax claim; however it will be required to validate a claim if you are audited.

A T2202A is issued to the student.  If a student is sponsored, the sponsor will issue a T4A for the amount paid on the student’s behalf.  The student must claim the sponsored amount as income and can claim the tuition credit or allocate it to a parent/guardian if applicable.

U-Pass tax receipts are available online via ACSIS in early February for any student who was charged the U-Pass fee.

Frequently Asked Questions

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