Fees Policy

Tuition fee policies are set by the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Development (MAESD), as are policies for refund and College-levied incidental fees.  All Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology in Ontario must adhere to these policies.  Tuition fees represent a portion of the total cost of education; the balance is subsidized by the Province of Ontario.  The following summary of fees applies to post-secondary, graduate certificate and adult training programs, as well as credit MAESD-funded courses offered through Continuing Education (CE).  It does not reflect non-funded general interest CE courses or programs and courses not funded by the MAESD.

All students are required to pay Basic Fees per term and level of study, plus additional fees related to their individual programs as outlined under Additional Fees.

Please note that as of May 1998, the College deregulated fees in some programs, in accordance with MAESD guidelines.  Please check your acceptance/registration letter to confirm the fees for your program, or refer to the section titled Ministry-funded Post-Secondary and Graduate Certificate Programs with Deregulated Tuition Fees included later in this booklet.

*Fees in effect at time of printing

For detailed information on the Fee Policy, please refer to College Directive SA06.