If you’re thinking about withdrawing from a course or program, you must follow the official procedure and withdrawal dates below, simply failing to show up for class does not constitute withdrawal and can adversely affect your marks and any refunds.


Course Withdrawal (Full time/Part-time in a Program)

If you officially drop a course within the first third of the course/section duration in the full-time timetable, or up to the second scheduled class in the continuing education timetable, all reference to the course is drop from your academic record.

If you officially drop a course within the second third of the course section duration in the full-time timetable, or between the second scheduled class and the end of the second third of a continuing education course, a W (indicating withdrawal) will be recorded beside the appropriate course on your transcript.

The date on or before which a course must be dropped to receive a W is listed beside each course on your student timetable. Ensure you are aware of this date.

You will be assigned a grade of F to any course/section dropped after the two-thirds point of a course section duration. Refer to College Directive AA12.

Program Withdrawal

If you are contemplating a full program withdrawal from the College we strongly encourage you to consult with your Program Coordinator or a College Counsellor. Refer to the following document Program Withdrawal – What Students Need to Know.

Please note: If you are registered in a program, you must initiate all withdrawals in writing to the Registar’s Office. If you are a continuing education course registrant only, written requests are not required.

It is essential that, upon leaving, you complete an Official Withdrawal Form (available from the Registrar’s Office). This form completes your permanent academic record at the College. A letter of withdrawal or signed fax will also be accepted. Withdrawals will not be processed until written notification is received by the Registrar’s Office. Telephone withdrawals will not be accepted.

The effective date of withdrawal is the date on which the withdrawal notification is received in the Registrar’s Office. The impact the withdrawal has on your academic record is determined on a course-by-course basis as described under Course Withdrawal (above).

In certain cases, the Registrar’s Office may act on your behalf in completing the withdrawal process. Typically, this would occur in cases involving death, serious injury or illness, or formal requests to do so.

Failure to attend classes does not constitute an official withdrawal. If you unofficially withdraw from the College, that is, without formal written notification, you will be awarded an F grade in each course registration.

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