Risk Management

  Risk & Insurance Management

The College has endorsed an Enterprise Risk Management Framework to support its efforts in the area of risk management. This framework is steered through the College Risk Management Committee (CRMC).

Among others, some functions of the CRMC are to develop, implement, review and revise College Enterprise Risk Management Policy and procedures to identify, assess, control, monitor and measure College risk and to provide guidance and direction for the College in setting priorities related to College activities that act to control risk.

 Insurance Management

The College maintains a comprehensive and sophisticated insurance portfolio to support our efforts in mitigating risk to the College across the broad spectrum of all College activities and the activities directly engaged by members of our College community. The College belongs to a collective comprised of all Ontario colleges for the development and purchase of appropriate insurance products to suit our needs.

Legal Services

The Risk Management Department provides services to the College to help coordinate and effectively monitor legal affairs. These services include consultation and evaluation of requests for legal services, contract/agreement review processes and overseeing administrative processes for accounting and reporting purposes.