At the AC Hub, you are encouraged to become an integral part of Algonquin College’s culture of student engagement.

The AC Hub is a modern, open concept space designed to attract open minds. Devised as a one-stop access point for student engagement and a source for information, events, and workshops, the AC Hub encourages all students to become an integral part of the College’s community. It is not a Quiet Study area.

Students will cultivate partnerships, friendships, and networking connections within the AC Hub and their communities. Whether collaborating on a school project, swapping employment resources, or seeking new ideas, this interactive space will foster a community of imagination and inspiration.

At the AC Hub, students will have access to AC Hub Talks and social events, as well as incredible volunteer opportunities through the Volunteer Database, which will connect students with their local community and help create social change (a key component of the AC Hub).

Besides the physical location of the AC Hub, there will also be an AC Hub Satellite (C Building, second floor) and three mobile desks that will rotate locations across campus to provide you with info about College supports, services, activities, and events. Learn more about the AC Hub Satellite and Mobile here.

All of this is offered with the goal of enhancing your academic experience beyond the scope of the classroom, which will give you an opportunity to meet new people and get actively involved in campus life – building memories and networks that will stay with you beyond your time at Algonquin.

We invite you to be a part of the AC Hub experience.