Please be reminded to use the CSI template provided on this site for detailing your Course Section Information.  It is important to input the information directly into this template, as copying and pasting charts and forms from other documents into this one will make it ‘inaccessible’ in terms of AODA compliance. This will ensure that students have an AODA-compliant CSI (that is, for example, readable with a screen reader). If you have questions, please contact your department’s designated Curriculum Consultant: http://www.algonquincollege.com/curriculumservices/need-help/.

COMMS (Course Outline Mapping and Management System) provides a web-based course outline editor for the creation of course outlines. COMMS will map course learning requirements against program standards (vocational, essential employability, general education as applicable). Those who are preparing course outlines are also prompted to ensure that the alignment between course learning requirements and evaluation tools is in place.

AA26: Course Outlines and Course Section Information