Welcome to the Essential Employability Skills (EES) resource site. This site was created, and is maintained, by the Essential Employability Skills Curriculum Committee. The aim of this site is to provide the Algonquin College community with information and resources related to the Essential Employability Skills outcomes that are a requirement for the granting of Ontario College credentials.

This site is divided into the following three sections:

Policy: This section provides background information pertaining to the inclusion of EES learning outcomes in programs of study leading to Ontario College credentials. In addition to information from the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities, this section also contains more specific information about Algonquin’s policies related to EES learning outcomes.

Implementation: This section addresses the ways in which EES learning outcomes find their way into our curriculum. Tips and tools are provided for the inclusion of EES learning outcomes in programs of study, in courses, and in the classroom. The role of the EES Curriculum Committee in the Program Quality Review (PQR) process is also outlined.

Resources: This section provides information about the resources that are available to support compliance with guidelines and directives related to Essential Employability Skills (EES) outcomes at Algonquin College. A contact list for the EES Curriculum Committee is also available in this section.