Dental Clinic


Why are we here?

We use the clinic to educate Dental Assistants, Dental Hygienists and Restorative Dental Hygienists. While delivering services to the public, students are supervised by Registered Dental Hygienists and Dentists. We are NOT A DROP IN emergency clinic.  If you need an extraction, removal of wisdom teeth, a root canal, or you are in pain please call: Dental Emergency Service # 613-523-4185. If you need a restoration and you are not already a patient of the Algonquin College Dental Clinic, you can call The Ottawa Dental Society and find a Dentist in your area 613-523-3876. We are a learning institute and the students require grades from each patient.  Each appointment here is 2.5 hours and you will be required to commit to two or more appointments until treatment has been completed. Adult (16yrs or older) clinics are open to the public from September to April ONLY. Children (6yrs – 16yrs) clinics are open to the public during the school year and selected times in the summer months. When booking your first appointment, please keep in mind that you are now contributing to a student’s education and a commitment from you has been made.

For more information about our services, please contact:

The Dental Clinic Algonquin College, Woodroffe Campus 1385 Woodroffe Avenue, Room J 109 Nepean, Ontario K2G 1V8 (613) 727-4723 ext. 7630

What services do we provide?

Preventive services (check-up) for Adults and Children. Adult (check-up) services include the following: oral examinations; cleaning of teeth, oral hygiene and if prescribed: x-rays and application of fluorides. Children (ages 6yr to 16yrs only, check-up) services include: oral examinations, cleaning of teeth, oral hygiene instruction and if prescribed: x-rays, application of fluorides and sealants.

Restorative Services

To be eligible for our restorative services, the clients must have completed all preventive (cleaning) dental services in OUR dental hygiene or dental assisting client public clinic. The Dental Restorative services are provided by registered dentists and restorative dental hygienists or restorative dental hygiene students. They are assisted by student dental assistants. Restorative services include silver and white fillings. Fees are charged at 50% of the Ontario Dental Association current fee guide. Not all restorative procedures can be done in the clinic. Some clients may be advised to seek treatment at an outside office.

What will it cost me for a cleaning?

Services and Fee Guide – Effective 2014-2015

Please note fees are subject to change. Fees are due and payable at the time of treatment. Cash, Debit, Visa, Master Card, and American Express are accepted.

Dental Health Assessment – Adults
  •  Includes up to 4 x-rays if required
  • Additional x-rays – each
  • Panelipse
Teeth Cleaning and Oral Self Care Instruction (Adults)
The fee depends on amount of care required which determines the degree of difficulty designation (DDlevel).Fee will be determined at time of assessment and can be paid in installments as treatment progresses. DD1 – $45.00 DD2 – $60.00 DD3 – $75.00 DD4 – $90.00
  • Oro-cleanse mouth rinse (ins. Code 96103)
Preventive Dental Services for Children (ages 6-16)
  • Includes:  assessment, teeth cleaning, oral health instruction, and if prescribed: fluoride and x-rays only.
  • Family discount applies to 3 or more children only.
  • Plastic tooth sealants -each tooth (max $15.00 for 4 or more teeth)
Mouthguards (for protection during sports activities ONLY) 2 mouth guards $30.00 $45.00
Tooth whitening treatments
  • Assessment Fee
  • Procedures Fee
  • Reassessment and Touch-up Kits

Do I qualify for these services?

We treat clients whose needs complement the learning needs of the students. Any member of the community over six years of age is eligible to access our services. If we cannot meet your needs in the clinic, we reserve the right to refer you to a dental treatment facility which can provide the service you require. Please note that adults and children are not seen during the same clinical sessions.

What do I have to do to be a client?

We expect you to arrive for each appointment on time, and be able to stay for the full clinical session. If you cannot keep an appointment, we appreciate at least 48 hrs notice of cancellation. To change an appointment or to notify the clinic of a late arrival please calls (613) 727-4723 ext. 7630 (24 hours a day). Failure to notify us in advance of schedule changes may result in our restricting your access to further services. Should you be more than 20 minutes late for an appointment, your appointment will be cancelled and you will be required too make a new appointment, or we may determine that you are no longer a good candidate for this clinic. Clients who are accompanied by young children must bring a responsible child sitter to stay with the children in the reception area while the parent receives treatment. Children are not allowed in the clinic while parents are being treated. If you are taking prescription drugs, please bring a list of the medications and dosages that you are taking to your first appointment. Some medical conditions may require that you take medication before your first appointment. Please advise the clinical receptionist when making your first appointment that you require premedication for dental treatment so that appropriate arrangements can be made.