Student Massage Therapy Clinic


  • The Massage Clinic is a learning environment for the Massage Therapy Program students.  All treatments are carefully supervised by Registered Massage Therapists.
  • We are open from September to May and offer a variety of massage therapy services to the public.
  • Appointments may be scheduled Monday through Friday for early evening.
  • Our student clinic follows a predictable routine.  Your student therapist will spend time interviewing, assessing and negotiating a treatment plan for the day’s massage.
  • All treatments occur in a clinical and professional environment with your comfort and safety in mind.  The total appointment time can last up to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

For a cost of $35, members of the public are treated to complete massage therapy care including comprehensive assessment of client pain and discomfort, hands-on treatment, hydrotherapy applications of either deep moist heat or cold and client education on self-care. Massage therapy is proven beneficial for the management of stress symptoms, muscle tension and pain reduction. It may improve circulation and range of motion.