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If you have questions or concerns about our programs, you can direct your inquiries to the appropriate departmental contact below. Program questions can be directed to the respective program coordinator. Please direct all registration inquiries to the Registrar’s Office.

Name Title/Dept. Office Extension Email
Jim Kyte Dean H100B 5112
Altaf Sovani Chair, Hospitality and Tourism H100 7406
Michael Bakogeorge Chair, Culinary Arts H100 7231
Name Program Office Extension Email
Dr. Ameet Tyrewala Bachelor of Hospitality and Tourism Management H217 7475
Anthony Bond Baking and Pastry Arts H208 7424
Antonios Vitaliotis Bartending H204N 5457
Steve Price Cook Apprentice H204E 7405
Cory Haskins Culinary H208 2588
Alanna MacDonald English H204G 5462
Linda Ducharme Esthetician A115a 7251
Sylvia Densmore Event Management H204L 7423
Mary Elizabeth Davies Food and Nutrition H202 7328
Deanna Douglas Hair Styling A115c 7270
Caron Fitzpatrick Hospitality – Hotel & Rest Operations Management H204E 5312
Phil Rossy Retirement Communities Management H217D 6355
Marie-France Boudreault-Champagne Sommelier H204N  5151
Natasha Wood Spa Management  A102 6113
Martin Taller Tourism – Travel Services H204A 6139
Name Title/Dept. Office Extension Email
Kelley Grant Assistant to the Dean H100 2231
Melanie Alsford Academic Clerk H202 5273
Kim Leutert Admin Support Officer H202 2586
Brenda Ghattas Budget Officer H202 2555
Irene Mitani Student Success Specialist H206 2249
Fatima Matar Admin Support Officer H202 7673
Rick Baker Co-op Placement Officer – BHTM Program H217C 6248
Wes Wilkinson Academic Manager, CCOL H217 5226

Trina Hannam Academic Advisor, Baking & Pastry Arts
Field Placement Officer, Culinary
H217F 5863
Patricia Forde Faculty Marketing Officer H202B 6296
Name Title/Dept. Office Extension Email
Reservations   H101 7691  
Cathy Dewar Restaurant Technologist H101 7428