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Looking to contact the ITS Help Desk?

ITS has three Service Desk locations to serve you. Each serves one of the college campuses and its satelites: Woodroffe, Pembroke, and Perth. No matter which campus you are at, you can contact ITS Client Care using the following methods:

  • Contact ITS via the telephone extension (5555 at Woodroffe or Pembroke or 5256 at Perth) and speak to a service agent
  • Contact ITS via email at
  • Contact ITS via posting to the ITS Twitter account (and following the account) and an ITS analyst will help you out!
  • Contact ITS in person at the Service Desk at your campus!

Note: You can leave a voicemail if you phone after hours. An agent will review your call and contact you to resolve your issue. Ensure that you clearly state your user ID, full name and contact info. Also, at any time of day you can find answers on  the ITS Help Centre website to many of your college computer questions.

Getting you the help you need:

Where are we?

Woodroffe Campus (Ottawa)

Contact the help desk at Woodroffe CampusNEW! Room A143D – North of the four corners in A building, near the exit. Click here for map.

Service Desk Hours:  Mon to Fri 7:30am to 8pm, Saturdays 8:00am to 4:00pm

Phone: 613-727-4723 ext 5555   Mon to Fri 7:30am to 8:00pm, Saturdays 8:00am to 4:00pm

eClassroom support: 613-727-4723 ext 2500   Mon to Fri 8:00am to 8:00pm

Note: You can use the Room Finder to locate a classroom, lab or office at Woodroffe campus.

Pembroke Campus

Contact the help desk at Pembroke CampusRoom 201 – upstairs from the main entrance across from the gym

Hours: Mon to Thurs 7:30am to 7:30pm, Fridays until 3:30pm

Phone: 613-735-4700 ext 5555

Perth Campus

Contact the help desk at Perth CampusRoom 102 – near the front entrance

Hours: Mon to Fri 8am to 4pm

Phone: 613-267-2859 ext 5256

Having difficulties? Submit a support case

Students, faculty and staff can submit support cases when they are experiencing technical problems with a laptop, a computer, hardware in a classroom, a wireless connection, logging into an account or issues with other ITS services. Support cases are how we track client service.

To submit a support case

  1. Go to the ITS Help Centre –
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select the Submit Support Request button.
  3. On the following page, enter your information in the fields. Note: If you performed a search on the ITS Help Centre your last search will be already entered as the subject.
  4. When done, select Submit to send us your information.

Your issue is now in the system! An ITS agent will contact you, generally within 1 business day.

When visiting the Service Desk

When you visit the ITS Service Desk, there are one or two important things to keep in mind that will make your experience more enjoyable and speed things up.

Your responsibilities

  • Ensure that you have done your backups before we do work on your computer. ITS can not accept responsibility for any of your information. It is your responsibility to ensure that your information is safe.
  • If you are leaving a laptop with ITS, do not leave your laptop bag or power adapter cord.
  • Ensure that you have the computer training you need to do your work. A computer is a tool – the more training you have in using it, the more effective you will be.

Personal Conduct

We know that computer problems can be frustrating, however we ask for your patience and understanding as we do our best to help you. Any abusive or aggressive behavior by staff or students will be immediately dealt with by ITS, the individual’s department, security and/or police. There is a zero tolerance policy on anything except courteous and respectful behavior by all parties.

Our Support

The Algonquin College ITS Client Care Group, including the ITS help desk, serves the technical needs of the students and staff of Algonquin College. We would love to to solve all of your problems, but we simply do not have enough resources. When we can help, we are limited in the amount of time we can spend on any one issue. However, if we can not help you, we can probably point you in the right direction.

Here is a good list of the things that we can and can’t help you with. This list is not exhaustive.

What we can do:

  • Help you with college account problems.
  • Help you with most college owned hardware, software or networking problems.
  • Help you get a connection to our network from off-campus.
  • Help you with college printer issues.
  • Answer many of your IT questions and offer some consultation for your college computing needs.
  • Help upgrade your hardware if it is college owned and below the basic college standard (Evergreening).
  • Install legally licensed software on your college owned computer.
  • Restore your data which was recently on your network drive or server (usually within two weeks).
  • Assist with computer security and dealing with spyware and viruses on college computers.
  • We can make a Best Effort on computers not owned by the college.
  • Fix laptops under warantee at no charge
  • If your issue is beyond the best effort of the service desk, for a fee you can get technical service by a train computer repair technician. For more information go to the ITS Help Center.
  • Offer you friendly smiling service to the best of our ability.

What we can’t do:

  • Teach you applications and their features.
  • Help you with your homework.
  • Backup data on your personal, college owned or other computing device.
  • Support your personally owned computing device (except to connect to the college network or install college software).
  • Support your game console.
  • Send a technician to your home or residence room.
  • Reset your password without positive identification.
  • Burn CDs to copy software or other copyrighted material.

Other sources of help

The ITS help desk can help you solve many of your technology problems. When we can’t, the lines are too long, or its after hours here are some others sources of help you can turn to.

  • The manual or installation instructions for your software or computer
  • The Help feature of the program or system
  • ITS Help Centre is an ITS website with hundreds of answers to your computer questions.
  • has tutorials on many computer topics and is free to college staff and students
  • Training – students can contact Peer Tutoring, staff have access to Professional Development
  • The manufacturer’s web site for information, drivers and FAQs (also third party support web sites)
  • Internet newsgroups or forums on the topic
  • Social media

Note: Each college department manages their own website content. Please contact departments directly concerning any requests or issues with their website.

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