Frequently Asked Questions for Computer Systems Technician

What makes a good CST student?

CST students enjoy the challenges of a constantly evolving field, have good problem-solving and analytical skills, and love to learn new things. They are interested in learning how to design and implement computer operating systems, and networking technology solutions. They are able to work independently or in a team environment.

Where do CST Students get co-op placements and where do they work after graduation?

In the past, we have had co-op students complete their term at government agencies such as Atomic Energy of Canada Limited, Canada Revenue Agency, Department of National Defense, private businesses, school boards, hospitals, large manufacturing companies, and any business that has a network that needs maintaining.

How do students complete the program in 1¼ years?

Students who start the program in September will be done by Christmas the following year, in only 16 months. Each semester is four months long:

  • First semester is September to December
  • Second semester is January to April
  • Optional Co-op term is May to August
  • Final semester is September to December

How does the co-op placement work?

The co-op term in the Computer Systems Technician program is an optional 15-week placement that occurs during the summer semester.  To be eligible, students must have successfully completed the first two semesters of the program in good academic standing.  Students are required to pay a co-op fee and complete over 400 hours during their co-op work experience.

How do I apply for the co-op program?

Applying to co-op is similar to the job application process.  Students apply to co-op postings, and are interviewed by employers to find the best fit for that particular placement. Placements can be secured outside of Renfrew County.  After completing their co-op term, students submit a written report to the College that documents their experience.