HS11: Alcohol on Campus

  • Policy #: HS11
  • Responsible Authority: Director, Ancillary Services
  • Approval Authority: Algonquin College Executive Team
  • Executive Sponsor: Vice President, Finance and Administration
  • Approval Date: 2005/01/04
  • Last Reviewed: 2016/12/14
  • Mandatory Revision Date: 2021/12/14
  • Downloadable Version: Alcohol on Campus

To maintain campus protocols and procedures to ensure the responsible service of alcohol at all College licensed locations and at College sponsored events.

All members of the College community, including students, employees, clients and visitors





Spirits, beer and wine


Alcohol Policy Review Committee

1.    The College collaborates with the Students’ Association to provide a framework to address alcohol-related activities, including education, promotion, safety, enforcement and legal liabilities.

2.   The College will establish the Alcohol Policy Review Committee (APRC) to review and monitor the implementation of the Alcohol on Campus Policy. The APRC is chaired by the Vice President, Finance and Administration. The terms of reference of APRC are found in Appendix 1.


3.   The serving of alcohol is permitted only in the following College locations:

3.1   Officially licensed locations listed in the liquor licence permits owned by the College and the Students’ Association;
3.2   Location(s) identified on a special occasion permit;
3.3   Location(s) within the scope of a private function.

4.   Each liquor license permit holder will be accountable for using responsible serving practices in compliance with the law. At each location where alcohol is to be served, the following protocols will be followed:

4.1   Alcohol is to be served in a safe and responsible manner.

4.2.  A monitoring plan is in place to ensure alcohol will not be served or consumed by:
–  persons less than nineteen (19) years of age
–  persons who appear to be intoxicated.

4.3  A transportation plan is in place to ensure any person who is or appears to be intoxicated will not be permitted to leave until reasonable steps have been taken to ensure that the person can safely leave.

4.4     Servers of alcohol are to be certified with the Smart Serve Ontario Certificate Training Program. The identified Manager and/or direct Supervisor of servers of alcohol are required to attend Day 1 and Day 2 of the Umbrella Project training.

4.5     Alternative beverages and food will be promoted and encouraged.

4.6   Promotion of drink specials, happy hours, or discounts are not permitted.

5.   Each year prior to the beginning of the Fall Term, the APRC will review and approve the procedures of the liquor licence permit holders for responsible serving practices and compliance with the law. The APRC will review the alcohol related educational and awareness efforts by the College to help ensure the safe use of alcohol on campus.

6.    The College will not permit the delivery of alcohol from the LCBO (or other commercial venues) via online mail-orders (or other mail delivery means) onto any campus property, unless approval is granted from the Vice President, Finance and Administration.

Off-Campus Events

7.   The use of the College name for a special occasion permit for an off-campus event in a location other than a private residence, a licensed establishment, or under the authority of a caterer’s endorsement is subject to the approval of the Vice President, Finance and Administration.

Underage Students in Licensed Facilities or Attending Licensed Events

8.  The Liquor Licence Act allows persons under the age of 19 to be present in licensed facilities. The licence holder has the option to restrict entry to only those of legal drinking age. With the permission of the licence holder, underage attendance may be permitted in licensed facilities as long as the licence holder satisfies the APRC it has mechanisms in place to prevent underage patrons from receiving alcohol.


9.   All advertising of alcohol-related events must conform to the regulations of the Liquor Licence Act and the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Advertising Guidelines. Sponsorship of alcohol-related events by breweries, distilleries, or manufacturers of alcohol beverages must first receive APRC Approval.

Policy Violations

10.    Any violation of the Campus Alcohol Policy shall be reported to APRC for review.

11.   Failure to comply with this Policy, or any applicable laws may, at the sole determination of the College, lead to progressive sanctions which could include suspension for the non-compliant individual(s) or group(s) of the privilege of holding events where alcohol is served, or in the case of licensed premises, closure of those premises.







Review and approve the procedures of the liquor licence permit holders for responsible serving practices and compliance with the law prior to the beginning of the Fall Term.




Contact Security Services immediately when an incident involving a troublesome/intoxicated person that places a person at risk of harm.


Liquor Licence Holder


Present a summary by term of all alcohol related incidents related to the service of alcohol by licensed establishments to the APRC.


Security Services


Submit request to APRC for sponsorship of alcohol-related events at least thirty (30) working daysprior to the event.


Event Organizer


Review and approve request for sponsorship of alcohol-related events by breweries, distilleries, or manufacturers of alcohol beverages.



Appendix 1        Alcohol Policy Review Committee
Appendix 2       House Policies: Food & Conference Services, Student’ Association, School of Hospitality and Tourism

SA 07 Student Conduct

The Ontario Liquor Licence Act

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario Liquor Advertising Guidelines. June 2011

The Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario, House Policies