AA34: Copyright

  • Policy #: AA34
  • Responsible Authority: Director, Teaching and Learning Services
  • Approval Authority: President's Executive Committee
  • Executive Sponsor: Vice President, Academic
  • Approval Date: 1993/03/18
  • Last Reviewed: 2011/10/05
  • Mandatory Revision Date: 2016/10/05
  • Downloadable Version: Copyright


To help College employees and students comply with the legal requirements of the Canadian Copyright Act as it relates to the copying, reproducing or distributing of any copyright material.


All College employees and students





Copyright means the right to produce, reproduce and copy works.  Only the copyright owner has the right to decide when and how the work is to be copied.  Copyright protection is automatic once the work is created, and applies whether or not a copyright statement appears on the material.  

Access Copyright

An organization of Canadian authors, creators and publishers that has the ability to authorize the use of printed published copyrighted works within certain parameters.

Digital Copyright

Digitized content such as music or written works published and/or distributed online over internet or other computerized communication networks.

Fair Dealing

A user’s right under the Canadian Copyright Act which permits the use of copyright material without permission or payment of royalties provided the “dealing,” or use, is for one of the five purposes: research, private study, criticism, review, and news reporting.


  1. College employees and students will comply with the legal requirements of the Canadian Copyright Act. The Copyright Act outlines the rights of copyright holders and the exemptions around Fair Dealing.  Fair Dealing is an exception under the Copyright Act that allows copying for research, private study, criticism, news reporting and review.
  2. The College will respect the rights of copyrights owners.
  3. The College has signed an Agreement with Access Copyright and pays an annual fee to cover a variety of copying done at the College. The fees are passed on to copyright owners in the form of royalty payments.
  4. The College has adopted the Fair Dealing Policy recommended by the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC).
  5. College facilities and equipment will not be used to copy, store, display or transmit copyright material, except as permitted for educational and research purposes, as defined in applicable legislation, guidelines, and agreements.


  6. The Learning Resource Centre is the responsible authority and will provide copyright information in the College. Information on copyright and digital copyright can be found at the Learning Resource  Centre’s copyright webpage.
  7. Unless there are specific written agreements to the contrary, materials created by College employees in the performance of their duties at the College will belong to the College, as stated in the Canadian Copyright Act and Article 13 of the Academic Employees Collective Agreement.
  8. The Publishing Centre staff will assist with copyright requirements for all manuals and course packs produced by the Publishing Centre for distribution and/or sale. All associated payments for copyrighted materials will be paid by the Publishing Centre.
  9. The sales and distribution of College materials to external clients will be handled by the Publishing Centre.
  10. When a department negotiates copyright permissions without the help of the Publishing Centre, the department will be responsible for arranging for payment of clearance fees, if these apply.
  11. Departments will retain all documentation on copyright permissions and negotiated arrangements obtained by the department or with the help of the Publishing Centre.
  12. The end user, whether student, employee, or contractor acting for the College, will be responsible to ensure that they legally have the right to copy.
  13. Infringements of College Copyright will be addressed by the  Director, Learning and Teaching Services.
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Consult the Learning Resource  Centre’s copyright webpage for  copyright and digital copyright information when using a published work.



Obtain copyright release  for all manuals and course packs produced by the Publishing Centre and pay associated costs. .

Publishing Centre Staff


Obtain the required copyright release for any published work produced by the department that is not included in 1.2 and pay associated costs.

Departmental employees   


Keep all documentation on copyright permissions and negotiated arrangements obtained by the department or the Publishing Centre.  

Departmental employees and administrator 


RE 05     Intellectual Property


Learning Resource Centre Copyright webpage

Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) Fair Dealing Policy

Academic Employees Collective Agreement